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The paper "Managing Personal Work Priorities" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Time management is a critical aspect of every person’ s life (Varga, 2011). We all have 24 hours each day but depending on how we manage our time we can either be productive or destructive. Personally, I have had issues with time management. With a few changes in the schedule and prioritizing of tasks and events for the day, I have been able to mark some improvement. I decided to take a test in which I would know my current status in terms of time management and productivity.

As such, I recorded the activities of the day for one week. I was able to collect the results and found out the most time-consuming activities and the least time-consuming activities in my day. The most time-consuming activity was sleeping which took 43.6% of my time while the least time-consuming activity was appointments which took only 0.49% of the time. The results of the recording also showed that I spend a lot of time getting ready to do take on the day.

I also spend very little time shopping like I would desire and there are various distractions at work that if I handle I will be able to be more productive. Part of the recommendation to be more time-conscious is to prepare for the week early enough and lock my office door to avoid the early morning distraction that derails planning for the day. Introduction The productivity of a person is based on the way the individual plans their day and how they prioritise their work (Kerzner, 2001). In order to know my productivity levels, I needed to record the event of the day for the whole week and make an evaluation of the way I spend my day.

the aim of the test was to know my strengths and weaknesses in order to make better plans and thus be more productive in my life. Procedure The test involves the following: Recording of all the day’ s activities in a form. Recording the time taken to complete every activity Recording of my personal feeling about the activities that were involved in the whole day. Record the results for one week. Compile the data collected. Analyze the data collected.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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