Essays on Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development Coursework

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The paper "Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development" is a great example of management coursework.   There are several electronic sources that assist in time management especially for the persons in the managerial positions in companies and organizations. We have electronic calendars that assist in time management. They remind us about activities that ought to be performed on a certain day. Project notebooks that dictate how certain activities are undertaken. Such notebooks stipulate the time when certain activities ought to be accomplished and the duration to be taken. Electronic contact information services such as Gmail accounts and mobile phones help managers in managing time in their organizations. Effective leaders in any particular organization must possess certain traits that are good and those that people want to emulate.

These traits are; leaders should be trustworthy, they should be polite, hardworking and ready to work with minimal supervision. They should have the organizational goals and very ambitious and innovative in dynamic ideas which propel their companies to higher levels. Every sober organization should always continue to develop professional competence. By doing so, the output of the employees will rise up and the organization, in particular, will realize better sales which in turn realize better profits. There exist several learning styles.

Every person is always interested in the learning style that favors and completely cares for his or her needs. We have the auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles. I prefer the auditory and the visual learning style since they are styles through which I can gain much content. I have always learned through what I have heard from other people and saw with my eyes. Through the auditory and visual learning style, I will definitely listen to the complaints of the employees and offer a remedy to those problems that affect them.

I would always learn the problems in my organization by seeing what is not okay; the machines that have broken down, dirty places and many more aspects. Organization goals should always be at the forefront of my own personal goals. I should always try to achieve the organizational goals followed by my own goals. Through effective time management schedules, I personally cannot fail to achieve organizational goals. Such schedules will always stipulate what I should do at a certain time and how and the overall level of success.

Thereafter I can focus on my own goals such as working hard to get a promotional or an increase to my salary. A role model or a mentor in any workplace is a very important person. A role model possesses certain traits that every persona is eager to emulate. Role models produce high-quality results in a very short time. They are highly disciplined and trustworthy persons who hardly cheat.

And finally, they are persons of great dreams and ambitions. They always look into the future. An effective worker or a manager is one who always tries to establish if his or her personal work goals and plans reflect those of the organization he or she is attached. If I am attached at the managerial position, I should always implement the fair policies and work ethics deemed to be effective, sit back and tract the success of those policies and work ethics and if necessary make the necessary amendments to them.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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