Essays on Quality Management Theory and Its Application to Project Management Assignment

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The paper "Quality Management Theory and Its Application to Project Management" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Quality management theory is of great importance to a project since it offers a valid way to manage quality in a project and ensure the effectiveness of the measures put in place to enhance the success and completion of the project. This theory is mainly applied in project management and it is of great importance since it improves the efficiency of the process and this helps in the increase of productivity in the end.

Through the application of the theory, the employees are empowered and the management team is able to create a teamwork atmosphere. At the same time, the theory ensures that the management focuses more on the choices of the customers so as to deliver quality products to them and in the right and most appropriate time and this means when the customers really need them (Dennis 78) How do you decide on the quality criteria for your project deliverables? The best way to decide on the quality criteria of the project deliverables is ensuring that there is a clear acceptance of criteria and this ought to include the metrics and all this needs to align with the different areas of quality that the final products will be evaluated against.

Additionally, the criteria also need to meet SMART criteria and in this respect, the quality criteria ought to be specific, measurable, assignable, time related and realistic. How to integrate your quality plan into your daily activities The best way in which one can integrate the quality plan in the daily activities is by ensuring that the quality control and assurance measures are incorporated in the project from the start-up to the completion of the project (Dennis 78).

This will offer an easier way and plan of managing quality since it can be assessed in a well-timed and consistent manner and corrections made when necessary. This will ensure the effective completion of a project within the specified amount of time and with the highest level of standards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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