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Introduction The motivation behind the remote control Helicopter project was to expand Aero Toys Company target market. Developing the helicopter was drawn from the experience that there is need to cater for a target market population that has not been captured before. The project selected a target market of children between the ages of 10-15. This was basically because the project acknowledged that children above the age of ten are very exploitative. In addition older children between the ages of 10-15 have not yet gained the experience of being exposed to a highly designed remote control helicopter.

Thus based on the fact that within the contemporary market, parents are willing to buy their children toys, in addition children have a great potential of influencing the type of toys their parents buy, the developed project of a remote control helicopter for children of the age of 10-15, is bound to capture the target market effectively essentially during the Christmas season. Methodology The project on the development of a remote control helicopter has been a marketing response project supported by the Aero Companies marketing department.

The Aero Company has provided technical expertise in order to ensure that that product is developed according to the required safety standards. This was ascertained by the technical experts ensuring that the developed design is incapable of presenting a substantial harm or hazard to users. The project therefore introspectively ascertained that all the safety standards that are outlined by the Australian Toy safety Association (2012) are met. This was undertaken by ensuring that the developed design and the material used for the construction of the helicopter were verified to be safe when used by children during their play time.

On the marketing perspective, this particular project was to expand the company’s capabilities in terms of product innovation and development. Millennium Research Group (2010) highlights that innovation is basically an essential aspect in capturing a certain target market. The project introspectively addressed the issues of market expansion through product innovation. By inventing the remote control helicopter for children between the age of 10-15, the project therefore provided a platform of widening the companies target market through innovation.

From the initial stages of the project the focus has been to come up with a product that will capture older children between the age of10-15. At the policy and cultural level, shared practice and the engagement of the users have been key to the project. Shared practice entailed involved activity involving every stakeholder as outlined by the project plan. User engagement was also facilitated by soliciting the opinions of the users concerning the quality of the product in terms of safety, attractiveness and appeal to children between these ages.

For instance, from the initial stages of the project the marketing department worked towards getting the views and feedback of parents and even children, concerning the product. After getting the feedback of the users, the project team was able to integrate their views in the development of the product. Hately (2011) highlights that in many incidences users are not always able to articulate their ideas in a product, it is however essential to get their feedback during the initial product development stages.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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