Essays on Manage Quality Customer Service (Tourism & Hospitality Management) Assignment

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@2010IntroductionMcDonald's is the largest company in the world in terms of food service. It was started in 1940 by Dick and Mac McDonald’s on 15th May 1940 in San Bernadino (California). It has the main head office located in USA. The first McDonald’s outlet was opened in 1955, Des Plaines, in the Illinois state. The company serves over 47,000,000 customers daily in over 31,000 restaurants it has globally in 121 countries, According to an interview that was conducted on 26th October with Frank McManus(McDonald's Australia vice-president, people resources) in McDonald’s Australia’s main office.

Mc Donald’s Australia has 65000 employees, 760 restaurants and customers totaling 1.2 million daily. The restaurants offer a variety of food including fast foods, salads, pasta zoo, deli choice and low-fat muffins. He also commented that “Training is the greatest secret to the success we have”. Even though these restaurants are basically franchises, all of them receive their food and their packaging from the same vendors who have already been approved. This is no exception to the McDonald’s Australia Ltd. The company considers itself a leading food service dealer throughout the world.

It has received numerous awards for best performance in environmental policies, food quality as well as health and safety (Hoover’s, 2009). What is the organization’s activity or purpose for existence? MacDonald’s is a food service company offering fast food services to various clients through its various branches located all over the world. The company mostly sells french-fries, hamburgers, desserts, chicken sandwiches, breakfast items, and soft drinks internationally. Other offers include salads, vegetarian items, wraps as well as a variety of localized fares. Who makes up their customer demographic? The company serves over 47,000,000 customers throughout its restaurants daily.

The products of MacDonald’s are enjoyed by children, young people, young parents as well as the elderly. The ages of 18-65 are recognized as the major consumers of these products, with the young people and children taking preference on ice-creams, wedges of spicy potato and the happy meals. The tangible and intangible aspects of the service they provide? MacDonald’s services are tailored to meet certain interests like the age group, the culture of the people and the requirements of the government. Apart from the food services offered, the Company provides playing facilities to children (like the indoor and outdoor playgrounds).

McDonald’s also contributes towards environmental protection by supporting and funding various environmental conservation movements like the green movements in India. It as well offers financial aid and sponsors various community-related activities. McDonald’s has been occupied with various community-related projects with most of it directed towards the wellbeing of the children. What is the size of the organization: e.g. number of locations, staff numbers? McDonald's has turned into a symbol of globalization, sometimes termed as the society "McDonaldization”.

The company has 31,000 restaurants which are found in 121 countries as well as territories all over the world. These restaurants provide employment opportunities to over 1.5 million individuals. This company as well operates some restaurant brands like Piles Café.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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