Essays on Quality Customer Services at A2Z Ltd Case Study

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The paper 'Quality Customer Services at A2Z Ltd " is a good example of a management case study.   Our mission is to meet customer expectations and gain their loyalty by developing and supplying them with the best products that meet and surpass technological standards and quality and are easy to use; accompanying products we supply with superior service and support. Our vision is to be the best company in our field of operation in all aspects. We intend to stick to our vision statement to ensure that customer expectation are met and surpassed with leading technology, state-of-the-art service and support, competitive pricing, company accountability and high level of flexibility in customization of our products. Product Standards All our products will be designed and produced following specific standards that ensure that they are the best one can hope for in the market.

All products will be checked for conformance to specific performance, design, wrapping and packaging, composition and contents among other quality apparatus. All the specifications of products will be handed to customers at the time of purchase to ensure that they meet customer expectations first before being delivered to their premises. The widgets will be produced in six major sizes, with the largest measuring 10mm while the smallest will measure 5mm.

The main sizes will be 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm. Pricing will be done in accordance with the size and level of sophistication of the widgets. The company will implement a strict policy on discount to ensure that discounting is done uniformly and consistently at all times. Discounts will be given for different purposes, as the company will determine. Faulty products will be tolerated to a tolerance level of +-5%.

Refund on faulty products will be done to a maximum of 10% and all corrections of faulty products will be done and resupplied within the same day. When clients place orders, they will be processed as fast as possible and supplied no later than 7 working days from the day the order is placed. All products will be made of high-quality stainless steel with no exceptions. Policies and Procedures In the course of implementation of A2Z’ s policies on customer service, the key goals of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, product quality, process efficiency and user support will be ensured at all times. Policy on Identifying Customer Needs One of the short-term and long-term goals of A2Z Ltd is to ensure that customer expectations are met and surpassed at all times.

This will involve understanding their needs at any given time. To ensure this, A2Z Ltd will implement the following procedure. Procedure: A team will be dispatched quarter-yearly to our key customers so that they can gather information on their level of satisfaction. They will be required to hold face-to-face meetings with the production managers to determine if they are satisfied with aspects such as product quality, order processing time, pricing, delivery issues, customer care, discounting and policy on refunds. Both new and old clients will be requested to fill our customer satisfaction form upon completion of a transaction to determine their level of satisfaction.

The customer desk will also make calls and send emails to specific customers to inquire about the performance of our products and their level of satisfaction. The RATER Model will be based on the customer identification process.

Every half a year, questionnaires will be sent to our clients to inquire about their level of satisfaction.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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