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The paper "Quality Customer Service" is a great example of a marketing assignment.   According to the products produced at the Colesworths organization, the customers need the best quality products from the goods sold. The customers who need personal fitness costumes need costumes that will be comfortable to them as well as the last longer. Therefore, the customers need the best quality products, made of the best material that will allow them to perform their exercises. Basing on Time, the customers expect that the time required for maintenance of the personal fitness and gym costumes.

Additionally, the consumers need to have products that take minimal time to be ready for use, which include drying period after cleaning. The cost of these products, as is the expectation of the customers should be fair in relation to the quality of the products (Rose, 14). Therefore the scenario is expected to tag prices that will enable many customers to purchase the goods as well as catering for the other business enterprises that get these goods and act as the second marketers. The assumption thereby on these three expectations, the Colesworths should produce good quality products that are used in the Gym and body fitness.

As a result, the marketability of the product will be high. Also, the cost should be relatively cheap and affordable to the users and other marketing enterprises whose task is to buy the products and distribute them to the consumer in less marginalized markets. Additionally, the consumer expects that the firm delivers the products to them in good time, without delay. Question 2. Plan thereby to ensure the satisfaction of the customer’ s needs for quality, time and cost. In response to time, the company should create time to meet their intended audience to create trust in their organization.

The meeting will also make the audience aware of the management of the company they buy goods from. The audience should also take the time to go through the organization’ s blog for more information. On quality, the products should be made of the best quality that will allow the customer to use them for a longer period. Due to the production of best quality personal fitness and gym wears, the company will be marketed to a greater percent thus the demand increasing.

Besides, the competitors will be challenged when the products from Colesworths are demanded to them due to improvements in the quality of the products. In response to the expectations of the customers on the cost, the management of Colesworths should set prices that are suitable for the consumer pockets. Besides, the creation of blogs that the audience will use to learn more about the organization reduces the cost for the consumer to visit the organization for information as well as the cost that the organization could undergo moving to the audiences to offer training on the brand’ s details (Scott-Jackson, 37).

On quality, the firm should produce goods of various qualities. The various quality will allow the consumer to select from the available goods in the market according to ones’ preference. As a result, the needs of the consumer will be provided thus satisfying the needs of the consumer. The organization is expected to develop and the contracts from the marketing agencies whose products are got from the Colesworths are impacted too.

Colesworths should ensure that the products brought by different customers are delivered to the respective addresses in the respective time as the delivery cost be relevant to the distance to the address in order to win back the lost customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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