Essays on Recruitment, Selection, and Induction Framework Assignment

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The paper “ Recruitment, Selection, and Induction Framework” is a perfect variant of the assignment on human resources. The analysis of the current university recruitment and selection policy shows that it is capable of meeting its objectives. The framework used is competency-based hence ensuring that the university is able to attain the best workers. This is a framework that supports the university strategy and is aimed at delivering the goals. From the university recruitment policy, it is clear that the skills and competencies have three main components. The components used are knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Knowledge is vital in ensuring that the job is selected based on the ability to perform (Lievens & Chapman, 2010). Skills are required in carrying out the functional role and in this case, include the management skills. Behaviors and patterns underpin the ways in which people carry their role in the job. According to the 2015-2016 human resources operational plan overview, it is evident that UGA believes in attaining excellence through the use of human resources. This is through the use of the Human Resource Division (HRD) which ensures that there is strategic and operational planning, staff recruitment, payroll, policy application and development, and ensuring employees’ safety.

Through the use of the 2015-2016 human resources operational plan, the university will be able to enhance its operational efficiency. This can only be attained by being able to attain the operational plan objectives (Costen, 2012). The objectives that are vital in this case include being able to attain a rich learning environment, grow research capacity, establish WHS and diversity, recruit, select and induct staff, and create a competitive workforce. New staff induction policyPurposeThis is an induction policy aimed at ensuring that there is effective induction.

The university believes that effective induction is vital in ensuring that the staff are able to help in attaining the university mission and are aware of the legal obligations as the university workers. UGA is committed to providing effective induction to all new workers at the university. The university recognizes that induction should be a shared responsibility between the supervisors, new workers, and colleagues working in different areas at the university.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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