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Essays on Common Recruitment and Selection Methods, the Concept of Outsourcing, the Terms, and Conditions of Employment Assignment

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The paper “ Common Recruitment and Selection Methods, the Concept of Outsourcing, the Terms, and Conditions of Employment ”   is a   fascinating example of an assignment on human resources. There are numerous recruitment and selection methods. The following are some of the methods: Job advertisements – the advertisements are placed in national and local print and online publications. The aim is to advertise in areas in which it is likely to attract the candidates the company is seeking (Burkhauser, Schmeiser, and Weathers, 2012). The promotions and advertisements usually involve the provision of important information such as instructions on how to apply, compensation package, description, job title, and location. Personal recommendations and internal bulletins – a company sometimes utilizes internal bulletins to inform the staff to available positions.

The aim is to seek referrals from the staff and an incentive for those seeking advancement (Barak, 2016). It is an appropriate strategy since the targeted candidates have a relationship with the company or connected to someone working with the company. The advantage of the approach is saving money and time since the potential employer may have an understanding of organizational culture and internal processes based on the relationship. Employment and recruitment agencies – organizations sometimes utilize employment and recruitment agencies to fulfill their staffing requirements and objectives.

An agency’ s main role in collecting information from prospective clients and keep a database, and utilize the database as a starting point to choose the appropriate staff (Burkhauser, Schmeiser and Weathers, 2012). The recruitment agency can also advertise for the position if qualified candidates are not in the database. The importance of recruitment agency in recruitment and selection methods include reducing hassle associated with checking references, assessing qualifications and testing, and screening resumes (Barak, 2016).

The recruiters sometimes specialize in certain employment centers such as executives, office workers, teachers, and financial service professionals which can result in accessing the most qualified candidates.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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