Essays on Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes Report

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The paper "Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes" is a wonderful example of a report on human resources. Every organization must undertake strategic planning which focuses on the course of action to be taken by the organization for a period of over five years. Strategic management is usually concentrated at the top management level. It is at this level that the Human resource manager comes up with human resource planning. The human resource manager will be required to determine the future staffing needs of the organization. (Lewis, 2009)Linking human resource planning, strategic and operationalThe correct number of staff means that the organization is neither holding surplus staff nor is it understaffed.

Where an organization has excess staff, the organization will be having excess cost thus low profits and there will also be a number of underutilized staff. Where the organization has fewer staff than the carrying capacity, the existing staff will be overstretched making it impossible for the organization to meet its production target and this also contributes to decreased efficiency in production. (Lewis, 2009)The area's human resource management will determine future staffing needs through continuous liaison with the other strategic manager.

They will analyze the expected demand and also the targeted level of production. The management will also be required to take into consideration the mobility rate which is the rate at which the staffs leave the organization. RSA's financial manager should be consulted to determine the financial budgeting aspect of human resource planning. (Maundy, 2001, p. 34)Developing selection and induction policiesDeveloping an effective selection and induction policy in an organization is paramount in ensuring that new staffs joining the organization feel welcome and appreciated in joining the organization.

In developing a workable selection and induction policy, RSEA will involve both the head of human resources and also the line managers. The head of human resources will outline the guidelines and framework of the policies to be developed. The head of human resources will also ensure that the manager’ s guidelines and checklist are well set and working. He will also ensure that the policies are well set in the human resource database. (Lewis, 2009)With the help of line managers, the human resource manager will formulate policies that will incorporate health and safety issues and other hazards that the staffs face in their day to day work.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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