Essays on Work Priority and Professional Development Assignment

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The paper "Work Priority and Professional Development" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Self-identity according to Aronson, Wilson & Akert, (105) can be defined as the global understanding that a person has regarding themselves comprising of often permanent self-assessments and perceptions about themselves such as knowledge of their abilities and skills, personality attributes, their hobbies and occupations, and their physical attributes (Aronson, Wilson & Akert 105-106). In a more in-depth definition, psychoanalysts such as Cross & Madson define self-identity as a collection of different beliefs that someone has about themselves (Cross & Madson 30).

In this regard, they add that these collections include elements such as academic performance, sexuality, gender roles and racial identity and in the process, the question that is sought to be answered when talking about self-identity is, “ Who am I? ” (Cross & Madson 33-34). In addition to this, one’ s self-identity comprises of their self-schemas, their present, past as well as future selves (Ayduk, Gyurak & Luerssen 1467). Having said this, it is important to distinguish self-identity from self-awareness where the latter refers to the level one is able to define knowledge of him/herself as applied to their attitudes and dispositions (Ayduk, Gyurak & Luerssen 1471).

Self-identity also differs from self-esteem where the former is descriptive and cognitive about a person’ s self (indicated in comments like, “ I am a fast learner” ) whereas the latter is opinionated and evaluative (indicated in such comments like, “ I feel great about being a fast learner” ) (Ayduk, Gyurak & Luerssen 1470). These are the definitions against which this paper discusses my identity as a person following different approaches as presented hereinafter. I define and discuss my personality in this paper following various definitive approaches as recommended by Cross & Madson (33).

I will describe myself based on what I am not, what I am, and where I am from.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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