Essays on Vision Consulting for Ventura Gym, New South Wales, Australia Research Proposal

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The paper "Vision Consulting for Ventura Gym, New South Wales, Australia" is an outstanding example of a marketing research proposal.   Ventura Gym is located in New South Wales, Australia, and started its operations in January this year. It is a scientifically equipped gymnasium, has a well-trained staff, dietician, consultant and even a swimming pool. The gym was opened with an aim to reduce the obesity rate among the middle age group. It is an all-men gym to meet the health needs of the men who in their bid to build their careers generally ignore their health. The natures of services of the gymnasium include, but are not limited to providing all modern facilities to the men according to their body requirements.

The gym has well laid out plans for the men falling under different weight categories and their health requirements. They have prescribed the plan and diet according to their weight, health and body requirement. The gym is privately owned by Mr. Daniel who is ambitious to get the men particularly of the busy nature into the fitness regime.   Since it started its operations, it has 45 members but now would like to have more members as Mr.

Daniel included more space and bought new machines and increased the gym timings to permit more members to join. The gym targets a customer base of around 500 men in the first quarter following recommendations by Vision Consulting. Vision Consulting Proposal Vision Consulting is proposing a marketing strategy for Mr. Daniel’ s help in order to increase his customer base by encouraging more memberships and thus boost sales. The target is to have at least 500 men enroll in the first quarter after the proposal comes into force.

We are suggesting promotional strategies and recommendations which would be most effective for the gym keeping Mr. Daniel’ s budget into consideration. Besides our proposal also hopes to increase the network to get productive and useful contacts for future projects linked to the gym. Our proposal will entail establishing alliances with the corporate companies to attract customers, free offers to the new members, sending invitations through pamphlets, word of mouth publicity, providing different referral programs, advertising in newsletters and considering trainers as potential clients.



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