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The paper "General Business of Suncorp Group Limited" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Three levels of management are as follows; Administrative, Executive and Supervisory level (Dam and Marcus, 2007). Administrative level deals with formulating policies and making plans in a company. Most of their work involves planning and thinking. Examples of managers at this level are the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers. Secondly, the middle level accentuates on the implementation of the plans and policies formulated by the managers at the top level. They always make sure that all the activities in the institution are well coordinated.

Examples of managers at this level are the Head of Departments and Branch Managers. Finally, the lowest level of management is the Lower Level (Robbins et al. , 2006). They deal with directing the works in the organization. They are also in charge of maintaining good connections between the workers and the managers at the middle level. They are also responsible for maintaining morale amongst the workers. Examples of managers at this level are Foremen and supervisors (Robbins et al. , 2006). Managers have four chief functions they have to perform in order to ensure operations run smoothly in an organization.

They are as follows; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning as a function of management ensures that managers properly define the goals and objectives of an organization and at the same time defining an effective plan of action required to reach the goals in an organization. Organization involves controlling the overall configuration of the organization which is considered the foundation of the company. Leading entails motivating and inspiring employees in the company as well as communication in order to ensure productivity (Robbins et al. , 2006).

Example of activities includes connecting with employees and motivating them. Finally, the last function is controlling. This function institutes performance standards as well as monitoring the progress of employees in order to ensure their performances are up to the required standards. An example includes employee standard control. The three main skills managers have to develop include; decision making, communication and goal setting. Decision making involves the ability to scaling up two or more options, making a solid decision and carrying out suitable action.

This trait is important for it develops their judgment capabilities keeps them credible in their role. Second, they should have proper communication skills (Robbins et al. , 2006). They need to be well spoken as well as well written. They should have the capability to put across a point in the most vivid way possible to their bosses, peers and employees. They should also be able to clearly understand and decipher the objectives of an organization to their employees in order to maintain productivity. It is important for it aids the managers to identify the impacts on their individual team.

It also helps them relate better with their team. Thirdly, goal setting involves communicating a vivid path to his team (Robbins et al. , 2006). It is important for it helps the manager achieve the desired outcomes. Business Environment Main forces that affect a business are; political, legal and global forces. Political forces control economies and decide how to market center of gravity, for example, Increase or decrease in tax. Whereas legal forces move the restructuring of businesses (Canzer, 2006).

On the other hand, global forces decide whether and how a business interrelates with customers and how it reacts to the competition. Political forces have affected McDonald's by introducing policies that discourage people from eating fast foods from their chain of restaurant. McDonald's has been affected by legal forces for it leads to the reduction of the company’ s revenue due to health regulations imposed on their foods in both workplaces and schools (Canzer, 2006). Two specific environment forces are political and legal forces. It is very important to monitor political forces because businesses require stability in terms of politics in order to function otherwise they may not rake the desired profits.

On the other hand, it is important to monitor legal factors for they focus mainly on matter pertaining to product safety and rights of the customers. In order for a business to run successfully, they should have knowledge of the rules and regulations as well as follow them.


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