Essays on Successful Performance in an Organization Coursework

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The paper "Successful Performance in an Organization" is a good example of management coursework.   Managers are generally defined as members within the organization who are tasked with the responsibility of making sure that their subordinates work according to the expectations of the company. Almost all managers have prescribed power to apply and use available organizational resources and make choices which are aimed at enhancing organizational performance. Besides the extensive kinds of management functions that the managers are supposed to perform, dissimilar managers at dissimilar hierarchies in the organizational chart are tasked with various duties and these duties are mainly related to the roles they are supposed to perform in the organization they are working in.

the mangers perform those roles by applying different skills this enhances the successful performance of the organization (Mintzberg, 1973). Managers in organizations perform various roles which are all aimed at meeting the demands of their functions as managers. Roles are generally defined as a prearranged set of behaviors that a certain group of individuals are expected to perform. Mintzberg identified ten roles that are played by modern-day managers when running their organizations.

The ten roles are negotiator, figurehead, monitor, entrepreneur, disseminator, leader, disturbance handler, liaison, spokesperson and resource allocator. These ten roles are later divided into three major categories that are the: interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. The mangers in most organization must undertake the three categories of roles so as to enhance the successful performance of the organization. Interpersonal roles The interpersonal roles performed by the manager mainly deals with the interpersonal relationships that exist in an organization. When managers in organizations perform the interpersonal roles they also tend to perform the informational roles which in one way or another lead to the fulfillment of the decisional roles.

The roles which fall under this category include roles such as the figurehead role, leadership role and the liaison role. The interpersonal roles entail the directing and supervision of both the employees working in the organization as well as the organization. When the manager performs the role of been the figurehead in the organization, the manager is supposed to undertake certain duties which tend to be ceremonial in nature.

By attending ceremonial functions the managers fulfils there roles as figureheads in the organization. Thus manager must perform the role effectively for the organization to achieve successful performance (Mintzberg, 1973). In relation to the interpersonal roles, a manager is supposed to perform his role as a leader effectively. Since managers play a vital role in determining the success or failure of the organization, they must undertake their role as leaders in the organization and within their various workgroups effectively. Based on his authority within the organization, managers work with their subordinates and through them, the organizations' goals of the business are achieved, with the successful performance been among the organizational goals. Another role that managers play that enhances the successful performance of the organization is the liaison role.

Managers perform their liaison role by working in collaboration with another individual within the organization and establishing complementary relations with external constituents. This role is generally performed by the middle-level managers and at times these managers must contend with other managers for imperative resources in the organization, yet they are supposed to preserve triumphant working relationships the other managers.

Managers must perform this role effectively so as to enhance the successful performance of the organization (Mintzberg, 1973).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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