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The paper "Is Strong Leadership in Business Organization a Good Thing" is a great example of management coursework.   An institution’ s or organization’ s ability to achieve success by realizing its goals and objectives lies in the way it is managed. Management of an organization is usually influenced by how the individuals in leadership positions in the organization execute their roles. In this case, leadership is very important especially critical analysis is of the essence for it to be termed as both good and strong leadership. To begin with, strong leadership is a key motivating factor in an organizational setup with the ability to drive an organization towards greater prosperity and increased growth.

Management of people or rather employees calls for strong leadership so that all the activities being carried in an organization are aligned with the set milestones that are to be achieved over a specified period of time (Van Vugt, Hogan and Kaiser 2008, p. 185). It is quite important for there to exist good relations between and among individuals in an organization. This can only be achieved if the leadership in place fosters good interpersonal relations aligned with the culture of unity in the organization.

For an organization to achieve a high level of performance strong leadership is of necessity. It may be demonstrated if there are increasingly high levels of both efficiency and effectiveness in processes such as employee work delegation as well as in the interactions between the employees and their leaders (Fiedler and Fred 2001, p. 56). This paper seeks to give an illustration of how strong leadership being a vital aspect within a business organizational setup may be viewed as something that is good. The skills that leaders in an organization have are an important consideration in defining whether the kind of leadership in place is strong or not.

It is important that leaders in an organization to ensure that they have skills to lead an organization towards high levels of performance. In this case, a leader who is highly skilled in their work has the ability and capacity to demonstrate strong leadership in an organization. this may be viewed in line with the fact that a leader should have a strong stand as regards to what they think is good for an organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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