Essays on Strategic Organizational Expansion onto the Global Market - Driza Bone Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Organizational Expansion onto the Global Market - Driza Bone" is a good example of a marketing case study. This report offers a review of strategic organizational expansion onto the global market. In this regard, the report reviews key internal and external macroeconomic factors for consideration. As such, it applies both the SWOT and PESTLE analytical tools. In order to develop a practical approach, the report reviews the proposed Driza Bone Brazilian venture. Under the PESTLE analysis, the organization establishes success factors under the political, economic and technological factors.

However, it registers challenges under the social and legal macro-environment factors. Moreover, a SWOT analysis establishes the organization's strengths in brand loyalty but weaknesses in high production costs. Further, it establishes potential competitive threats as well as untapped Asia and African garment industries opportunities. Under its recommendations, the report recommends the development of unique Brazilian garments as well as marketing through CSR s key venture success alternatives. 1.0 Introduction The global market is experiencing increasing business challenges. In this regard, previously monopoly markets have developed and evolved into perfect competition markets as a result of both technology and globalization changes.

As such, it has become imperative for organizations to venture and expand into new market segments in the industry. As such, internationalization and expansion onto the global market have emerged as key success and market sustenance criteria for a majority of the organizations. However, expanding into these markets requires an evaluation of a firm's both internal and external environments in order to enhance the development of ideal and appropriate expansion strategies. This report reviews the Driza Bone, a garments industry stakeholder with extensions in Australia and UK, proposed venture in Brazil (“ Driza Bone” , 2014).

As such, the report evaluates the market macroeconomic factors under the PESTL analysis tool, as well as the organizational status through SWOT analysis.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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