Essays on Three Activities to Celebrate Diversity Assignment

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Generally, the paper "Three Activities to Celebrate Diversity" is a perfect example of a management assignment.   Holidays policies- Jobline can come up with ways of recognizing holiday celebrations and time off work e. g. celebrating Muslim holidays together in order to understand the Muslim culture better. Diversity training: this will help train an employee on the importance of appreciating other cultures e. g. Jobline should include diversity training in their training whenever they are recruiting employees for other clients or their organization having that their locality is comprised of people from different ethnic backgrounds • Company leadership: the hiring of culturally diverse employees will help create cultural awareness in the organization.

Jobline should concentrate on giving junior employees from different ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to lead in order to foster a culturally oriented organization. For example, Robert though being a migrant, he is considered a native so appointing team leaders from other cultures will help create awareness. e) How Jobline can make better links to the Sudanese community and service them appropriately and ensure Jobline values them as their clients Jobline is a diverse organization though serving a local area with a lot of Turkish and Lebanese population they have policies that help them remain diverse and incorporate other cultures.

The Sudanese shouldn’ t be worried about having that Jobline trains its employees on the required skills and knowledge to serve clients with a wide range of cultural backgrounds. It’ s evident that Jobline treats its clients with the utmost respect and has a culture that does not discriminate against anybody. Jobline manages clients who have specific social needs, intellectual and physical disabilities and therefore it will be prudent to mistreat the Sudanese having that they already have a code of conduct that they follow strictly.

Communications barriers may arise, but Jobline has a policy of employing individuals who speak more than four languages. Because it’ s a dynamic organization, it will always come up with ways to cater to their diverse clients. Sean has worked with the local community can use his skills of identifying opportunities for the unemployed will go a long way in showing Jobline commitment to fostering their newfound partnership with Jobline. By offering them jobs the Sudanese community will try to adapt and get along with the locals and through the employment, they will understand how diverse Jobline is.

Nada works in an immigration center will be in a position to help the Sudanese blend in more easily having that she is able to speak four languages and has expertise in accommodation and organizing a school for children. Sheri being a migrant herself will help in convincing the Sudanese community the importance of joining Jobline and how the financial matters and allowances shall be handles.

Gino has expertise in traineeship and apprentice programs will help trainee the Sudanese and having that he loves finding employments for almost everybody he will help the Sudanese acquire jobs through his advice having that he has skills in matching job seekers to employment opportunities. Robert is the team leader and he has seen with Jobline for 8 years he is supportive and enthusiastic and having grown in that vicinity he will provide the support and encouragement needed to make the Sudanese trust them and work with them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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