Essays on Management at Samsung Group and HTC Corporation Case Study

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The paper 'Management at Samsung Group and HTC Corporation " is a good example of a management case study. Headquartered in South Korea, Samsung Group is a major electronics manufacturer. This brief focuses on Samsung’ s mobile phone manufacturing arm, which further focuses on the television and internet advertisement of the Samsung Galaxy IV. The key competitors in the smartphone market include Apple Inc, with its iPhone series and HTC, with its Windows and Android phone-based operating systems. The smartphone market is greatly competitive and characterised by dependence on service-operated contracts. With the smartphones possessing competitive features, the Samsung Galaxy IV faces stiff competition from Apple’ s iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy IV is the fourth in Samsung’ s Galaxy series and is generally perceived to be a serious contender in the smartphone market. While many advertisement campaigns for Samsung IV currently exist for the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones, this brief proposes a more innovative one as the next in line (Williams, 2013). Target Audience: This advertising campaign is targeted universally at the current Samsung Galaxy series customers, as well as the loyal customers of the competitors.

It seeks to secure between 10 and 15% of the competitor’ s current market share. The key target audience consists of the global smartphone users and seeks to encourage them to consider the Samsung Galaxy IV model over the competitors’ . The existing Samsung customers are also targeted, with a focus on encouraging them to upgrade to the new mobile phone, as a way of renewing their new contracts with the company. Hence, the idea is to increase Samsung’ s customer base and loyalty base (Thorn, 2014). The secondary target consists of casual smartphone users currently using the competitor brands, and who have little or no brand loyalty.

This target audience will be encouraged to try the Samsung Galaxy IV model. The demographic consists of young professionals looking to stay connected through the internet and social media platforms, in addition to the individuals with a high disposable income. The smartphone will also be positioned in a way that ensures it does not isolate other markets. Objective The objective is to produce an innovative printed media campaign encouraging the existing and new smartphone users to adopt the Samsung Galaxy IV through the creation of desire and relation to Samsung Galaxy IV’ s features with the view of making the customers give the phone the foremost consideration in the smartphone market. It also seeks to intensify brand loyalty with the current customers while simultaneously creating interest and desire in the competitors’ customers. It also seeks to increase market share by up to 15% and to distinguish Samsung Galaxy IV from competitors’ with regards to features and brand perception. Tone of voice Dynamic, vibrant, exciting, communicative, fun, modern Key Message The campaign message is “ more superior, creative, exciting, and communicative. ” The intention is to show customers that Samsung phone is designed to improve the communication experience, as well as the level of fun users, expect with modern gadgets.

The appeals that will be used will be factual, such as showing processor speeds, the number of apps, the camera capabilities, in comparison with the competitors’ .


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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