Essays on Business Social and Environmental Responsibility Essay

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The paper ''Business Social and Environmental Responsibility'' is a wonderful example of  Business essay. Businesses are constantly evaluating their suppliers in terms of their environmental and social responsibilities. In some cases, they dictate these terms to their suppliers.   This has resulted from increased recognition of the demands placed on the business lately.   The business has hence seen the need for all business activities and all stakeholders including suppliers to cooperate in resolving the contemporary social and environmental challenges including those related to climate change and energy among others (Coleman, 2010).

Improvement of supplier collaboration – it is hoped that increased emphasis on supplier environmental and social responsibility will result in improved social and environmental conditions. This will in turn result in a reduction of costs resulting from environmental preservation and social responsibility as well as increased productivity and reduced consumption of resources. Improving product quality – environmental and socially responsible suppliers implies that the supplier delivers high-quality goods that meet social and environmental standards. For the business, responsible suppliers are critical in ensuring product quality and developing more sustainable products. Ensuring compliance with customer expectations and demands- this has resulted from increasing demands for companies to manufacture products under decent social and environmental conditions. Reducing the risk of negative PR – responsible suppliers can protect the business from negative PR that may result from social and environmental problems associated with suppliers.

This will also guard the business against possible human rights violations through suppler of products that are not socially and environmentally friendly. Attracting and retaining workforce- insisting that suppliers are environmental and socially responsible will signal both potential and current employees that the company prioritizes social and environmental conditions.   The business has realized that it will be socially and environmentally responsible if the products it is being supplied with observe environmental standards.

Furthermore, the fight towards environmental sustainability cannot be fought single-handedly and all stakeholders must be corporate in achieving environmental and social sustainability.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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