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The paper 'Management Accounting Change' is a perfect example of a Finance and Accounting Assignment. For the existence of any organization, strategies must be formulated and of more importance, strategies must be implemented (Alexandre et al. , 2015). Competition is becoming paramount. In the modern business world, and strategy implementation should be carried out well to outfit the competitors’ strategies. The decisions made by the management regarding whether to invest in a new project, whether to acquire a new company, whether to buy or replace assets, are all pivoted on the information provided by the accountants, specifically management accountants (Tillmann & Goddard, 2008). The authors in the article are trying to pass out an understanding that management accounting is not a discipline that involves the computation of figures all the time, but rather a discipline that draws some form of sense from the output of the computations.

The figure will always be figures, but of great importance is what figures mean to the user (Alleyne & Weekes-Marshall, 2011). The users of accounting information vary from the shareholders themselves to the investor, both existing and potential.

As noted in the article, information is key in sense-making. In fact, for fruitful execution of sense-making, information is key. Management accountants provide useful information by undertaking an analysis of the past data, present data, and a possible projection of future data (Tillmann & Goddard, 2008). The authors are further stressing the fact that in as much as a management accountant is a professional accountant, for successful accomplishment of the aspect of sense-making, the knowledge of other disciplines is important. The management accountant needs to understand something to do with marketing, production, and how to deal with customers.

Additionally, the authors are also passing out information regarding the process of decision making that the management accountant plays an important role in the process (Tillmann & Goddard, 2008). Decision making in an organizational setup is not a one-man guitar, but rather involves a number of people (Hanim, Fadzil, & Rababah, 2012). Decision making involves implementing the sense out of the information, which makes it a sense-making activity. It is important to acknowledge the fact that the work of management accountants does not end with computation of figures involving analysis of variances and cost estimation, but rather goes ahead to incorporate the element of making sense out of the available information for proper decision making.

The information available for decision making can be found internally within the organization or can be obtained from the external environment. Whichever the source, proper analysis, and scrutiny for sense are important. Remember, nor all information is valuable information (Hanim, Fadzil, & Rababah, 2012).             Question Two Describe the role of prior literature in the author’ s research.   Do you believe it has been adequate/not adequate for the study?

What improvements you believe can be made The use of prior data in the research has been so much important that is has shed some light on the extent to which the prior researchers went in relation to the subject matter, which is SMA. There was little that was done previously by the prior researchers so the need to focus on the matter, specifically sense-making which SMA did not touch on (Tillmann & Goddard, 2008).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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