Essays on Management Alaa / Assignement 2 Assignment

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Semester 2, 2012Word Count: 1,413IntroductionEmployees in any given organization encounter certain problems during their daily execution of their duties and responsibilities. Employee problems occur both at the multinational, national and regional levels of any business entity. These problems may occur as a result of poor management or lack of responsibility on the part of the individual employee. Hence it is the duty of both the managers and employees to work as a team for the success of the any business. Therefore this report will focus on the problem faced by the staff members in the Chinese Restaurant, develop a theoretical framework in relation to the identified problem and also make recommendations.

Furthermore the report seeks to expound on the environmental or external factors and their impact on Chinese Restaurant and other business entities (Rosner & Halcrow 2010). Problem analysisTime keeping among the staff members poses as a major problem facing a large number of managers. Lack of time keeping leads to low productivity. In regards to the Chinese restaurant where by majority of customers require faster and reliable services to be offered to them.

Hence time keeping is essential as far as the business is concerned. Thus, lack of proper time keeping leads to the business to lose in terms of customers and also financially. The Chinese restaurant might be facing the stated problem due to lack of employee motivation that leads to low morale at the work place. Poor supervision may also be the cause of the problem being experienced hence leading reliable employees reporting to work late. The managers might be aware of the existing problem but choose not to address it hence the problem continues as there is no penalty for the problem experienced.

Thus the problem may persist due to manager’s reluctance to act (Brounstein, 1993). Theoretical FrameworkLeadership TheoryIn any business organization leadership plays a crucial role in as far as the success of the business is concerned. According to Beerel (2009), it views leadership as a process or relations that consists personality features as well as definite behaviour which are normally referred to as leadership skills which is crucial in the management of any business entity.

Thus leadership theory argues that leadership is a process that involves the ability of managers to influence a group of people in this regard staff members towards the realization of the set goals and objectives in the Chinese restaurant. This theory assumes that individuals are born with exceptional potentials that incline them to realization in leadership roles. The theory also argues that certain abilities are learned or attained through learning that is vital in leadership performance. Thus leadership as a process increases motivation and morality to both the followers and leaders (Beerel, 2009). For this reason this theory sets to tackle the problem of lack of time keeping which leads to laziness in the Chinese hence low levels of productivity and customer dissatisfaction.

Managers play a crucial role in management thus ensuring that the success of any business is realized. Through influencing the staff members to work towards the realization of the set goals and objectives laziness is condemned while hard work is encouraged. For that reason leadership plays an important role in the motivation of staff members to work hard so as to achieve the set goals.

Thus good leadership will enable the Chinese restaurant to eradicate the problem of lack of time keeping and laziness (Corrigan 1999).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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