Essays on Management And Leadership Assignment

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11. Introduction. The purpose of this report is to view the role of fire service department in UK and to see how the day to day running of the organization is achieved. Various management theories are discussed, management of the workers, an example of a fire service and the relationship of various international fire departments. 2.0 Managers2.1 Classical Management and Human Relation. The classical management mostly focused on the jobs, this is contrary to the human management relation. Human management relation which emerged in the 1920’s is a type of management which uses the human aspect in managing the organization.

It was also used to control or correct the short comings that were associated with the classical approach to management (Richard, 2005). 2.2 Classical Management Theory. There are usually three types of established theories that are associated with classical management; Administrative theory- Fayol, Theory of Scientific Management- Taylor, and Theory of Bureaucracy- Weber. All these schools of theory complement with each other. Taylor, in his scientific management theory arose due to the need to increase the productivity in USA. To help raise the productivity, to him, it was important to raise the efficiency of the workers.

Weber on Bureaucracy, which is a hierarchically organized service and its part of legal domination in which to him leads to effective and a rational 2way of organization management. Fayol in the administrative theory was mostly concerned with the achievement of the rational organization in terms of coordinating the tasks that are associated with labor (Patrick, 2000). 2.3 Human Relation Approach. The approach of human relation in organization was a way of being nice to the workers in deviation to the materials, machines and abstract functions that are usually found in an organization.

This is through the understanding of the worker in terms of the response that the worker gives, and the inter-personal relationship. 2.4 System ApproachThis system of approach to management is based on the general system theory. This theory states that to be able to understand the operation of certain entity, the said entity should be viewed in terms of a system. This, then means that, requirements should be seen in the interdependence of its different parts (Ord, 1980). 2.5 Contingency approach management. In this approach, the management is viewed that it is impossible to choose one way of management that works best in all types of situation.

Contingency management merges the scientific management theory, administrative theory and human relations approach into a solution that is adaptable to that specific circumstances. 32.6 Communications. This is the way in which duties are communicate between different workers and how such information should be transferred. This is due to the fact that there are many people who are associated with a single activity. 2.7 Managers Roles and Responsibilities. The most important aim of managers is to supervise and take charge of the activities that are associated with the workers and their productivity.

Also, there presence is seen in the career development, employee selection, succession planning and the benefits of the workers (Kibbe, 2006). There roles and responsibilities are;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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