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MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIPThe Fire and Rescue ServiceIntroductionThere are different kinds of style in leadership and normally, the style is dependent to the person that leads the team or an organization. This is because a leader has different style depending on the background of that person or his personal capabilities. Some leaders possess democratic character; they are normally those who often abide by the principle of equal access or believed that all members of our society is with equal to power. These leaders also believed strongly in people’s freedom and liberties where all members of our society are entitled to enjoy their rights and liberty.

On the other hand, autocratic leaders tend to hold on the principle that the power is in the hands of a single-appointed ruler which they themselves represent. In general, whatever the style is management is a quest of order and stability thus this requires an adaptive and constructive change leadership (Northouse 2009, p. 10). In United Kingdom, The Fire and Rescue Services are responsible for emergency situations and are controlled and guided by government through legislations. Legislative power over fire safety matters in the UK was rationalized in 2006 with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (Furness & Muckett 2007, p. 4).

This has been an enabling factor for the fire and rescue service to improve and enhance the quality of the services. However, the key to the effective fire and rescue services is the understanding of the roles and responsibilities of each and everyone that involve in this kind of service. The individuals and organizations must have to ensure that workplaces are safe along with other activities and use of equipment while performing their duties and responsibilities.

Generally, a responsible person must realize that commitment in the fire and rescue service is largely required as the work of the service is basically critical and often times hazardous. A leader therefore in this type of organization must know his responsibility and do his best to provide a suitable and efficient leadership (Furness & Muckett 2007, p. 37). Majority of people in United Kingdom expect to have more professional and responsive fire and rescue service. For instance, the mission of Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service is to save life, protect people’s property, and make their environment safe (Shropshire Fire and Rescue Services 2010, pg. 2).

Similarly, for 50 years, the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is protecting the people of Lancashire and helping the community safer for everyone (Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service 2010, About Us). It is therefore clear that in this type of organization, a leader should be adequately skilled to handle the challenging responsibilities of his organization. In general, working in a fire and rescue service is a tough job because its main responsibility is to rescue people and save lives.

For this reason, the people working in this kind of organization must disciplined and recognize the importance of teamwork. However, this is not possible without a manager with excellent management skills that would lead his people to success. The Roles and Responsibilities of a Manager

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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