Essays on The Aspect of Leadership in the Management of Fire and Rescue Organizations Speech or Presentation

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The paper “ The Aspect of Leadership in the Management of Fire and Rescue Organizations” is a motivating example of a presentation on management. Fire and Rescue Services in the U. K are basically one of most essential organizations, therefore it is vital that the management system be very effective and efficient in the overall performance and management of emergencies. The National Framework of fire and rescue organizations in the U. K highlights the expectations of the government towards all fire and rescue organizations. One of the major standards that Fire and Rescue organizations are required to meet as indicated in chapter I of the national framework is that of good management and leadership.

The chapter further recommends that there should be accountability in terms of leadership by the senior officers of the Fire and Rescue organizations. The management should be able to seek genuine engagement with the workforce of the organization and the locals in shaping the services offered by the organization. Aim of the ReportThis particular presentation has the objective of evaluating the context management and leadership within the Fire and Rescue organizations in the U. K.

It will also focus on analyzing the roles and responsibilities of managers. Lastly, the report will assess the aspect of theory and practice ofLeadership within fire and rescue Organizations. Roles and responsibilities of managers within the fire and rescue serviceThe Management system of Fire and Rescue organizations is governed by managers each with different roles to play. These include the crew manager, the watch manager, station manager, group manager, area manager, and Chief fire officers. All the managers of the organization are responsible for organizing, supervising, and planning tasks.

It is therefore essential that each must be competent. Chief Executive /Chief Fire OfficerThe officer is the overall head of the organization. In addition, he or she advises other managers all issues that are concerned with fire and rescue operations. The officer also takes charge of incidences of up to 10 or more pumps.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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