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Management and LeadershipIn this case study, on management and responsibility, the fire and rescue service firm that is under study is the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service in the United Kingdom. According to Cheshire Fire and Rescue service website (2011), Cheshire fire and rescue has the responsibility of ensuring that fire and rescue services are adequately provided in all areas of the Cheshire county of England. Headquartered in Winsford and established in 1948, the service runs twenty-four fire stations and has some nine hundred and eighty nine staff. It operates under the authority of Cheshire Fire Authority. Roles and Responsibilities of Managers within the Fire and Rescue ServiceThere are various managerial positions at the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service in all the its fire stations, which are meant to make work easier through ease of coordination and the flow of information.

The positions range from the crew administrator, watch supervisor, station director, group director and the area manager. Crew managerThe crew manager position is present in both the firefighter staff and the control staff. At the Cheshire Fire and Rescues service, the crew manager ensures that there is effective performance of all the fire fighting and the control staff at the service.

This involves planning for and helping the training and development of all the staff through the appropriate means. These may include education seminars, training workshop and any other forms of training that may be offered. This is essential especially for the volunteer staff who joined the service with little or no technical experience. In the respective fire stations, the crew manager must ensure that these people get the best possible training and are kept in excellent working shape through regular exercise and drills, and follow up training. The crew manager also ensures that the public in the designated area of operation within the Cheshire County is informed and educated on safety.

This is to ensure that there is increased prevention of incidences rather than intervention when an incident has already occurred. This involves mobilizing the community for safety procedures training and facilitating these training. These are done in public places or even in schools and institutions. The crew manager contributes to fire safety solutions that are meant to minimize risks. When there are incidences that require the involvement of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, the crew manager has the responsibilities of leading and supporting people in such incidences.

He mobilizes the staff and after that, carries out the role of coordinating the rescue operation. After such operations, the crew manager must carry out the investigations on the events and make a report. This report is useful in education the public on safety and also the crew so that they will be more efficient when faced with similar incidence. Watch managerThe watch manager at the Cheshire Fire and Rescue service has the responsibility of managing information for action within the service.

He must ensure that all the relevant activities are carried out to meet the stipulated by the fire authority. To ensure this, he has to take responsibility for the effective performance as well as support the technical and professional development of the teams and individuals. He shares the responsibility of investigating and reporting on events with the crew manager, with the aim of informing future practice and preparedness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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