Essays on Leadership as an Important Skill in Management Assignment

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The paper "Leadership as an Important Skill in Management" is a good example of a management assignment. Leadership is the process of leading a group and regarding the ability of an individual or organization to guide other employees or entire organizations to attain its goals. Leadership is delegated to leaders who are people who influence other people to work towards achieving a specified task and has managerial authority over his subordinates’ in order to achieve set objectives. Leadership skills involve inspiring and motivating other employees, to solving problems and analyze issues affecting the organization and should drive the organization to achieve its goals. Discussion Question 1 A leadership style is a leader’ s style of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating people to work towards achieving organizational goals.

Leadership styles include autocratic or authoritarian style, participative or democratic and the Laissez-faire or free-rein. In the autocratic leadership style, the leader tends to centralize authority, make unilateral decisions, dictate work methods and also limit employee participation in the decision making process. In this style of leadership the leaders do not entertain suggestions from subordinates thus it motivates only the manager this leading to poor productivity.

In the democratic leadership style, the leader tends to involve the subordinates in decision making, encourages participation in developing work techniques, delegates’ authority to subordinates and encourages feedback. It is divided into two which are consultive and participative leadership model. Consultive model the leader seeks input and hears the concerns and issues facing the employees but makes the final decision his/herself, while democratic participative leadership style the leader allows employees to participate in the decision making process. The final leadership style is the Laissez-faire style where the leader passes decision making powers to the subordinates.

The subordinates are given complete freedom to make decisions and to complete their tasks and work out their problems. The leader simply provides the necessary materials and answers questions. Richard Brandson exhibits a democratic leadership style. It involves the leader delegating authority to the subordinates, involving employees in decision making and encouraging participation in deciding work techniques. Democratic leadership has the following characteristics; distribution and delegation of responsibility, empowerment of the subordinates and aided subordinate decision-making process.

Richard Brandson exhibits the ability to delegate authority as quoted “ I have always believed in the art of  delegation  finding the best possible people for Virgin and giving them an opportunity to flourish” (2011), Sir  Richard Branson told the Daily Telegraph. “ When you aren’ t always there, it forces other people to manage, which in turn improves their own leadership skills, boosts their morale and strengthens the business. ” (2015). He said that, whatever the philosophy a business leader has, they must let other people succeed. This allows them to “ catch people doing something right, rather than doing wrong” , (2011) Sir Richard added. Delegation of authority helps the employees an opportunity for self-development through training them in the act of sharing authority and helps motivate employees and build morale when trusted with the authority to run organizational activities.

Richard Brandson exhibits the ability of empowerment of his subordinates through the good leader-subordinate relations and treats his employees with respect this can be seen where he goes to the extent of inviting his subordinates to home parties (Dearlove, 2007). He always welcomes feedback and new ideas from his subordinates.

He also gives his employees freedom to be creative thus building the morale of the employees.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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