Essays on Management And Organizational Behavior_Assignment 2 Assignment

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Change Management ScenarioIn the year 2009, Quinn Corporation established a new store in Japan accomplishing one of its missions (increasing its international market share) in the competitive international market. The company acquired one of the stores that dealt with the same products as one of its areas of operation. The store, before acquisition was Nakamura store. Nakamura store dealt with the sale of beverage, food, clothing and mobile products and Quinn is a multinational company that deals with food, beverage, clothing, home products, mobiles, fuels, banking services and so many others.

This company has expanded to different regions in the world. Each company of Quinn Corporation has to have departmental managers who report to the general manager who in turn reports to the head office of the organization. One of Quinn Corporation’s strategies of expansion is acquisition of smaller companies that can help them achieve their aims. The company conducted a study in Japan and analysed the market and found out that it would be a very good market for their products. The company management team could not find an easier way of expanding its food, beverage, clothing and mobile section’s operations in the country except for acquisition of already established companies.

Nakamura store is a small company owned by Ansen Nakamura. He dealt with his employees so freely. The employees were free to think of ideas and tell him during staff meetings. They considered him a good leader and a friend. Ansen Nakamura was the general manager of the organization and every department head reported to him. After the acquisition, a new manager was brought from the acquiring company’s headquarters to take over the management of the company.

The new manager (let us name him Oliver) was to implement Quinn Corporation’s values, culture and strategies into the newly acquired business. He however was to consider the culture of the people around in the management of the business. Oliver was a strict manager who gave orders and the assignments to be done. He only received reports from the department managers, which he analysed, made changes that he thought were appropriate or made suggestions and reported his progress to the head office.

Little did he know that the employees of the company were not happy with his management style. The employees started complaining to their heads about being considered useless in the company. Since the departmental managers were afraid of him, they could not tell him of the employees’ complaints. One of them however managed to contact the head office about the situation in the branch and Oliver was summoned to the head office. Two days after returning from the head office, Oliver was furious. He held a meeting and told the employees to never undermine his position again.

He told the employees to report to him and not the head office. He added that if he heard of any report from above about him, the person responsible would be fired. The employees left the meeting with most of them contemplating resigning.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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