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Bill Gates Management and Leadership Styles As Krishnamurthy explains in the article, “Bill Gates: Entrepreneur, Manager, and Leader”, Bill Gates is not only a successful businessperson but also a great leader and manager. The management and leadership style Gates employs in his work is pace setter leadership in which the focus is to dream big and set very high standards. The management style of Bill Gates is effective because the manager sets the pace for the entire company to follow. Other companies including competitors also copy such leadership because it is visionary and can revolutionize an industry and at the same time set future standards for the market.

The effectiveness of Bill’s leadership and management style is evident in the success he registered as CEO at Microsoft. It is due to the leadership styles of Bill Gates that Microsoft remains a dominant figure and force in the computer industry. The company’s success is evident in many industries including software, operating systems, and video games. Most of the success at Microsoft amid competition from Google and Apple may be attributed to the leadership styles of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates possess many leadership traits that make him the greatest and most successful entrepreneur of our time. Bill Gates has focus (Krishnamurthy 1). The former CEO has demonstrated over many years the value of focus and clarity of thought in any enterprise. Unlike most other entrepreneurs, Bill remained focused on software. The magnitude of focus, perseverance and the ability to pursue his goals despite the challenges makes Bill a great leader and manager. The ability to think big was a trait that ensured Bill became successful as a manager (Schiff 2).

Bill is different from other leaders because of his ability to think big and work very hard to pursue that dream. The manager was able to transfer the confidence he had to other employees of the company. The former CEO can learn from other people and his own mistakes. Gates recognized that fact that learning is life-long process. As a leader, a person needs to exercise a high level of patience and learn from mistakes and other people. Bill exercised humility and wisdom in every situation.

Such traits are crucial to leaders and managers in any enterprise. As a manager, Bill hired the greatest minds in the world to work at Microsoft. Bill realized that to succeed in the world of technology it would be critical to hire smart people. Bill was an excellent decision maker especially when it came to hiring people. By hiring the brightest people in society, Bill is surrounded by great minds that help him concentrate on the company’s strategy. Bill also focuses on small-team approach in which he believes that working in small teams is efficient (Dearlove 1).

Effective communication is the other important leadership skill that helped Bill succeed as a manager. Most employees at Microsoft were aware and comfortable with the manager’s leadership styles. One of Bill Gates’ motto is that happy customers are a source of learning. The Manager encourages his employees to consider mistakes very carefully and learn from these mistakes. As the company’s top executive, Bill meets with his top management to discuss company matters. By regularly engaging with employees, Bill ensures that the working environment is relaxed.

Such interaction enhances day-to-day productivity at work because the employees have understood and accepted the manager’s styles of leadership and management. Link to the article (https: //hbr. org/2008/06/bill-Gates-entrepreneur-manage) Works Cited Dearlove, Des. "Business the Bill Gates Way: Secrets from the Worlds Richest Business Leader. " Australian Business Solutions 03 April 2012. Krishnamurthy. "Bill Gates: Enterpreneur, Manager, and Leader. " Harvard Business review 27 June 2008. Schiff, Lewis. 3 Secrets to Bill Gates extraordinary Success. 06 Feb 2013. 15 Feb 2015.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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