Essays on Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication Assignment

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The paper “ Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication ”   is a   thrilling example of an assignment on management. The term corporate social responsibility is referred to as the initiatives that organizations take to ensure they have a positive effect on the environment and society as a whole. There exist certain regulatory requirements by law to ensure that organizations do not have an adverse effect on society. Corporate social responsibility is the extra mile that companies go to ensure that they do not pursue financial profits at the expense of society and the environment.

Companies carry out corporate social responsibility for two main reasons: financial sustainability and societal welfare. Companies believe that through social responsibility they will be able to build the brand name and retain customer loyalty. Social responsibility of an organization is carried out in many forms. At times, this will depend on the type of business they carry out. Some companies will build facilities that can be used by the entire community. These facilities include schools, clinics, and sports grounds. Those companies that engage in the mass manufacture of items that utilize much of the local resources will take steps to ensure the environment does not deteriorate.

Timber and paper manufacturing industries will ensure that they use the maximum amount of resources required by law. Corporate social responsibility on their part begins when they take further steps to sustain the environment by planting more trees than they cut down, for instance. B) Examine the influence that a range of stakeholders has on an organization of your choice, which operates in the United Kingdom. Stakeholders of a company are individuals that are directly affected by the operations run by the company.

The performance of a business will directly affect the stakeholders’ financial, social, and psychological benefits. This will depend on the type of stakeholder. When the company performs poorly, the company’ s internal and external stakeholders will lose financially, and vice versa.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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