Essays on Management Assignment 2. Organisational Change And Development Assignment

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Customer service: A case study of Black and Decker InternationalIntroductionChange is constant and it is necessary for a business entity. This is the same to customer service; it keeps on changing in relation to the changing needs of their clientele. Changing business dynamics may be triggered by external pressures (such as new competition or technology, customer feedback, change in global markets and government legislation) and internal pressures (such as, review policies, employee feedback, pay structures and review procedures) and it important for organization to know when to make the changes and how (Lovelock & Young 1979).

In light of this, it is of paramount importance that customer service is of satisfactory standards while change is ongoing within the organization. Change is characterized by the desire to improve cash flow, processes, customer service and products. When an organization wants to make changes in relation to customer service they must first analyze where they are coming from, their current status and the way forward and this should always relate what their customers need current and future trends (Mills & Moberg, 1982).

It is important to remember that organization employees are part of the customer service process and when the organization wants to make changes they need to be communicated to. When a company engages with various activities of changes they must have a strong team to manage this change. The management should know which direction they are headed by looking at where they are coming from so as to make informed decisions on strategies to apply to ensure that they fulfill their overall mission, objectives and vision. Customer service and change management are all based on the organization on particular assumptions on the forecasting of customer future trends.

An organization can do a wrong predications and this may be costly to an establishment. Change and Managing at Individual and Organization LevelsChanges that are adapted by various organizations will normally deal with two levels that is the individual or organizational level. When analyzing at the individual level of change issues such as; new job description or individual redundancy. Organization level deals with company re-branding or office move. The organization provides relevant methods, tools and training to enable change to facilitate customer service.

An establishment monitors and shares information about the changing customer services. Looks at client feedback their positive or negative. When an organization undergoes change it influences the behavior of individuals and this produces different outcomes for the organization, such as when Black and Decker International restructured the shift in responsibilities and accountability for each individual. In this light, different business outcomes and new behavior results are achieved. According to Hiatt (2007) organizations do not change but rather people within the organization change. According to Robson, M.

(1988) organizational and individual change management must work hand in hand to be able to manage change in an effective and successful. The Black and Decker International overall goal is realize the global opportunity by ensuring that their customers are satisfied. This can only be done by excellent customer service and managing change in the two levels (Individual and Organization). Lovelock & Young (1979) argues that customer service is an investment that manufacturing and service organization have to bank their money and energy in. Analyzing The Black and Decker International which is a manufacturing and service company that deals with a wide range of products that include; electric and battery powered tools and accessories, household products, outdoor products and locks and hardware, plumbing, mechanical fastening systems.

The Black and Decker International have undertaken some numerous changes that include one major acquisition of Emhart Corporation.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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