Essays on Management Communication 1 Coursework

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Management Communication The use of the passive voice in written communication is generally discouraged as it often causes confusion to readers. Writers are generally encouraged to write sentences in the active voice as this form is found to be clearer to the readers. This paper seeks to show this by contrasting two sentences written in the passive voice against the same two sentences written in the active voice. Management Communication 1IntroductionThe Use of the Active and Passive Voice in Written CommunicationPassive Voice UseIt has been noted that a lot of extra duties outside their regular job descriptions are being performed by managers, in this company.

Therefore, a consensus has been reached by, the company executives, to allow amendments to be made in the company general guidelines, bonus payments will be paid to managers based on the extra duties performed. It is sincerely hoped that further diligence will be encouraged by these new measures that are being undertaken (Burak, 2010). Active Voice UseManagers in this company seem to be taking on a lot of extra duties outside their regular job descriptions. The company executives have, therefore, reached a consensus, allowing amendments to be made to the company general guidelines providing for managers to be paid extra bonuses based on any extra duty performed.

Hopefully, these new measures will serve to encourage further diligence (Kessler & McDonald, 2012). Passive Voice UseDear students, cases of frequent truancy have been observed in this institution to be on the increase. On Fridays is when the vice is mostly perpetrated usually by students from all faculties within the institution. Students are being warned to note that they should desist from this conduct.

The risk of expulsion will be faced by any student who will be caught committing the offence (Burak, 2010). Active Voice UseDear students, In this institution, Cases of habitual truancy are on the increase. Students from all faculties are usually responsible for perpetrating this vice on Fridays. Students should kindly desist from this conduct. Any student caught committing the offence will face expulsion (Kessler & McDonald, 2012). References: Burak, K. (2010). Boston: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning. Kessler, L. & McDonald, D. (2012) When words collide: a media writers guide to grammar and style.

Boston, MA : Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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