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The paper "Management Communication Issues" is a perfect example of a management assignment. In addressing this question, the focus was on Bill O’ Reilly’ s video (Fox News) regarding Obama and Race. The video did appear online on 12 July 2016. In Dallas, President Obama focused on addressing the world with the intention of calming racial discrimination in the USA. In this episode of ‘ The O’ Reilly Factor, ’ the commentator tackles the positive and negative aspects of President Obama’ s speech in tackling the race. From his point of view, the commentator tends to believe that the president is tackling the issue ineffectively.

Rather than uplifting the spirits of the people, there is a need for the federal government to adopt and integrate programs aiming at tackling racial animosity in the United States. His perspective on the issue calls for the development of legal institutions and practices, which will provide fair treatment for all Americans in the midst of effective or efficient implementation. If I were to give a presentation to inform, I would adopt and integrate a similar perspective or point of view because of its effectiveness and efficiency in tackling major aspects of the speech.

The commentator’ s perspective analyses the speech before providing a possible solution to tackling the topic of discussion. Question 2: Method to Inform In addressing this question, I focused on the utilisation of two TV series: CSI: New York and Bones. In the first instance, it is essential to demonstrate the fact that the two TV features are similar and different in certain aspects. For instance, both TV features focus on demonstrating aspects of forensic investigation and solutions of crimes while engaging in the collection and analysis of evidence.

Similarly, the entities go into detail on autopsies, as well as profiling of the perpetrators (Bell & Smith, 2010). The directors of the shows focus on constructing drama around the specific forensic laboratory, thus, the platform to enable officers and scientists to engage in solving criminal issues in the course of the episode. On the other hand, the TV features adopt a diverse relationship with the victim. For instance, in Bones, there is no personal contact or involvement of the victim while CSI incorporates more characters relating to the victim and family attributes.

Similarly, Bones incorporates real events while CSI focuses on fictional facts, as well as situations. From the above assessment, it is essential to demonstrate the fact that the two TV features focus on the utilisation of the reporting mechanism of informing the target audiences on the plot. Question 3: Product Analysis In this context, the focus is on Apple’ s smart-watch. The first element of discussion would be the use or description of the product. It is ideal for the target audience to have substantive information or knowledge on what the product is all about.

The description element will consider incorporating diverse components, types, and features of the product. Secondly, I will consider addressing the price of the commodity to enable the consumers or target audiences to have adequate information on the affordability of the product. Thirdly, the informative speech will assess the benefits of the product to enable the audiences to make valuable decisions as to procure the product. This relates to reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of the product under discussion.

Fourthly, I will consider tackling costs or cons of the product if there is any with the objective of offering an informed perspective on the product. Finally, I will consider addressing where to find the product with the intention of enabling the audiences to acquire adequate information and knowledge on the availability of the product at their disposal. These elements will be ideal for increasing the awareness of the consumers on the existing product at their disposal.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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