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The paper "Management Communication Issues" is an outstanding example of a business assignment.   On July 12, 2016, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC comments that “ Donald Trump’ s pick of Scott Pruitt to lead the Environment Protection Authority is a led down as the former fights both climate science and environmental regulations” . I think Rachel used her point of view to remind viewers of the previous experiences of Scott as unsuitable for the new position. Although she could be biased given her overt interpretation and self-expression, she seeks to inform the mass audience.

However, I believe I could take a neutral stand to frame my discussion on this issue. I think the use of point of view by Rachel is meant to bring in a perspective influence in communication and improve it. Although the presenter let emotions and feelings to influence her readiness to communicate, it moves the audience and can change their actions and movements. B2: A persuasive speech is one that the communicator attempts to understand the interests, beliefs and attitudes of the listeners. On the other hand, an informative speech is one where information is meant for the audience to understand.

For example, someone selling shoes will attempt to use a persuasive speech to win a customer to buy his or her merchandise. I believe that the intention of the speechmaker is to change interests and attitudes of the shoppers towards certain brands of shoes. Conversely, I think a presenter on the effects of smoking on health will use informative speech to bring in new knowledge and understanding on health complications as a result chain-smoking. I believe persuasive speeches create emotional appeal where the audience is able to see a solution to the problem and achieve a defined outcome.

I now believe that persuasive communication is a two-way process that allows the speaker to communicate a message that will convince the recipient to change habits and attitudes. B3: CNN and MSNBC are two American television stations that broadcast to similar viewers. CNN’ s ‘ Erin Burnett Outfront’ presents a unique style that is confident, smart and casual visuals to provide informative and in-depth speech. Conversely, MSNBC’ s ‘ Morning Joe’ features a bench of high-profile politicians and top newsmakers to provide in-depth analysis of debates and news.

I think the two programs attempt to inform the viewers and change their point of view on certain matters as well. I have learned that two television channels can have a different approach to speaking to the audience given their uniqueness in presenting visual images. I know that people tend to read a lot from images than words. It shows that one station can be bold and aggressive in the use of images to inform while others can use more convincing video clips to persuade viewers to change their perception towards people and issues. B4: The website www. chasingthedonkey. com provides an informative piece on how to choose the best travel shoes.

I think the site informs readers to understand their needs and to get to know the type of shoes in the market and their prices. I believe the most exciting part of this presentation was the use of pictorials where the audience will know the type of shoe visually and get to compare with other brands. However, I would improve this site by providing video clips of shoe fitters and the occasions they prefer for the shoes for viewers to have the more aesthetic appeal of the product.

I have learned that companies can exploit visuals and other forms of ads to reach customers and can as well receive comments using social media tools loaded on the sites. I think the marketing communication department in companies are interested in capturing the knowledge needs of customers and will make attempts to communicate their brands and proposition statements through pictures and texts in the sites.

When the motive is to inform the audience, it becomes easier to create a target customer segment since the words, language and tone is customized to this group.


Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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