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The paper "Communication in an Organization " is a perfect example of a management assignment. Communication in an organization is essential. Communication is the passage of information from one person to the other, especially within an organization. For instance, one person in the firm may be selected to educate the others on a given topic, in such a case; an informative speech is required by the worker to deliver the message to the audience. The goals of communication in the organization range from the form of the communication involved and the parties involved in the communication.

One of the primary objectives of communication is sharing. The act is aimed at increasing understanding and reducing ignorance among the people in the company. Furthermore, communication is geared at changing the perception of the people to a positive note. Perceptions are unique and are dependent on social and interpersonal factors.   Communication brings the people involved to oneness and togetherness especially in conquering a challenge within the organization (Bell 2013, p. 493). Q2 Persuasion is one of the most significant element is communication and it is relevant to the marketing department.

This is the art of raising arguments in order to motivate a given audience to buy particular goods. Persuasion is subdivided into various principles including the principle of consensus.   When one person gives a testimony over a certain product, the buyers are captivated by the product. The purchase decision is often affected by the choice of others. People make choices according to their peers’ decisions. The mentality that is instilled by a testimonial about a particular product is persuasive and therefore, it is significantly powerful in persuasion.

However, the principle only applies where people lack enough knowledge of a certain product. I am not likely to be influenced to buy something through the principle of consensus. I do not do impulse buying therefore there are fewer chances that I will be involved in consensus persuasion where the seller wins my attention. Additionally, when I want a product that I don’ t have enough knowledge about, I search for it over the internet (Bell 2013, p. 537).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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