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The paper "Management Communication" is an impressive example of a Management assignment.   An employment interview serves the interviewer as a screening device that assists in examining the capability of the candidate to handle the job position. Additionally, the interview assists in the selection of the right candidate for the position.   Interviews also assist in providing additional information to the interviewer about the interviewee. Interviews assist the interviewee to accept or decline the offer that is provided by the employer. This is because the interviewee is provided with information concerning the job for instance the salary and working conditions.

Interviewees also assist the interviewees to gain confidence in themselves after attending various interviewees. Interviews also increase the number of contacts that the interviewee has and therefore increasing their chances of getting a job. Question 13.5.2 Employment-related resources available in my community Employment Agencies exist in my community. In most cases, the agencies assist in providing information concerning companies that recruiting and placement services. Additionally, job search sites also exist in the community. The sites are useful in providing information concerning employment. Networking organizations and groups are also useful resources that assist community members to gain employment.

The networks are constituted of groups where people network and therefore increasing their chances of employment. Also, various publications exist that act as employment-related resources. Some of them include publications include newspapers, magazines, and employment journals. Question 13.6.1 I once worked as a customer care attendant at a communication company. One day I received a call from a client stating that the services offered to him were inappropriate and that he needed a refund from the company. I tried to communicate with the client in order to come up with an amicable solution for the situation.

However, the client refused and stated that I was rude and dishonest. He went to the extent of using abusive language and he would not listen to anything I said. In order to resolve this conflict, I used the accommodation approach in order to put the conflict to an end. I, therefore, gave the client what he wanted which was to request a refund from the accounting department. I, therefore, restored the peace and the customer was more satisfied. Question 13.6.2 Among the strategies for managing conflict, the most effective strategy is avoidance.

I think that it is essential to always avoid conflict when it does occur. In many circumstances, people try to engage in conflict based on the fact that they do not want to ignore the conflict and move on without being too involved. Avoidance is effective based on the fact that one does not have to be involved in the conflict and therefore the exiting problem resolves itself. Avoiding the conflict also serves as a remedy of reducing the existing tension between the conflicting parties and therefore making the conflict less confrontational. Question 13.6.3 Over history, I believe that conflict has often been used as a strategy for enhancing change in society.

A case in point is during the French Revolution that took place in France between the year 1789 to 1799. I think that the revolution was basically a conflict that resulted in the overthrowing of an oppressive regime that promoted economic, political, and social upheavals.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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