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This paper "Communications in Management" is a good example of a Management assignment. In one of my recent phone conversations, I was trying to organize an online video call with one of my friends from South Africa. I managed to reach him through her through the phone and we planned on the video call which we intended to have at 9 p. m. the same day. In the conversation, the message delivery worked out since the recipient, my friend was able to get the intended message for the call, which was to wait for my video call. However, the video call failed since we both forgot about our environments and time zone differences.

I could not find her on a video call and I later realized that she had waited for my call in vain. Question 11.3.1 Agenda Discussion of the last market campaign Reading the reports and results of the campaign Discussing the report and results Analysis of successes and failures Way forward To produce this information, detailed documentation is required regarding the marketing records for the time period. The marketing department needs to conduct a detailed analysis of the records and results available and use the analysis to present the findings in this discussion.   Question 11.4.1 I would like to propose a toast to the most hardworking person; whose dedication amidst all challenges made this project a success; Our Team Leader, Mr.

Johnson. Salute! Question 11.5.1 Press interviews are useful for businesses and organizations in a number of ways. Most importantly, the benefits of the interviews relate with the public access to the interviews which allow delivery or dissemination of particular information regarding business operations and products. Press interviews serve businesses or organizations in the following two ways: Increase publicity of businesses or organizations by providing avenues for the business's information to be accessed by the public through the interviews.

In an interview about a new innovation in the market, the public watching or accessing the interview learn about the new innovation and its relevance. Secondly, some press interviews allow the public to question businesses, the ideas, and products giving platforms for the innovators and entrepreneurs to explain and justify their products to the market thus convincing consumers. Question 11.5.2 Media access and advantages are useful to businesses today in gaining market advantages through publicity.

The Krypto Restaurant targets to introduce a chain of restaurants in Rio De Janeiro Brazil, operating using the Tepanyakki style of service where the customer’ s table is the kitchen. Strategically, the company has thoroughly studied the food behavior of the Brazilians and is guaranteed of a ready market. The company, therefore, intends to establish good and beneficial relations with the local media. As a strategy, the restaurants aim at allowing the local media to conduct press interviews with the restaurant management and also offer for a period of time free deliveries of food to different local media companies.

This will attract the media’ s attention towards the company and use the advantages presented to win over the local market. Question 11.5.3 Interviewees have a tendency of getting nervous in some, though not all situations. However, some interviewees have very high confidence amidst a number of questions that may be suggestive or emotionally provocative. One such person is Donald Trump, who is seen as excessively confident and articulate in a CNN press interview. There is good turn-taking with both the interviewer and the interviewee waiting for their turns to speak and listening to the other.

In case of interruptions, they are done using polite remarks. I think Donald does very well in this interview that it is difficult to raise any suggestions for improvements.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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