Essays on Management Communication Reflective Journal Assignment

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The paper "Management Communication Reflective Journal" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Mode of dressing: the way someone dresses decides whether the form of communication is open and casual or professional and formal. The formal dress can indicate professionalism or more formal than casual wear that can indicate that the communication is open and informal. The distance involved: people tend to have intimate communication when they are physical to one another and this cannot be achieved when they separated by some distance like across the room. They can opt to wave or text in order to each other. Choice of text: the environment influences the selection of text to be used considering the characteristics of the audience to be spoken to.

A speaker has to carefully consider the impact of the environment in his or her speech (Hasling, 1998). A2: Responsibility of audience and speaker A communicator has a responsibility to the audience and has to prepare thoroughly for effective communication to take place. Effective communication entails practice, preparation and persistence. The communicator has the responsibility of passing across the intended message without distortion.

On the other hand, the audience has a responsibility to the communicator of receiving the message and providing feedback that will make the intended action to take place. Without feedback from the audience, the communicator will not be sure that he has communicated the message effectively in order to achieve the intended action or response. The communicator and audience need each other. The audience is present because of the communicator while the communicator targets to pass across his message to the audience in the most effective way possible (Washburn, 2008). A6: Doublespeak Doublespeak is using words deliberately with the goal of obscuring, disguising or changing meaning.

It is often applied in bureaucratic communication. It is justifiable to use doublespeak in order not to sound very offensive or harsh to the audience. For instance, using the term downsizing by the management to mean lay off appears to be more diplomatic than saying terminating or dismissal.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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