Essays on Management Communication and News Reporting Assignment

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The paper "Management Communication and News Reporting" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. The commentator’ s point of view in the video from O’ Reilly Factor indicates that public action is warranted (O’ Reilly, 2015). The comments are made to express what most people think about the issues of justice. I would personally express my point of view in the same style. 8.1.2 The reporter's approach conveys a point of view in the reporting to convey the message. It is mainly used to indicate the experience of the people with regard to the march of ISIS (Fox News, 2015). 8.1.3 The persuasive presentation is for the purposes of selling a product or service with an example being selling an idea for approval of a proposal.

Informative presentation is mainly for training or education with an example being a lecture. 8.2.1 Quest means business on CNN has a lot of visual communication as compared to Boom Bust show on RT. 8.3.1 The topic is about the hacking of a high tech riffle (CNN Money, 2015). The speaker has adapted the presentation to be more informative through reporting the facts about hacking and the high tech riffle.

Outside sources have also been used. 8.3.2 In one of the ABC news reporting about the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana, there is an element of bias. The words “ different studies disagree on whether stoned drivers are actually causing more crashes” 8.3.3 The prior knowledge of the audience can affect a speech as it influences the levels of understanding. An audience can only remember about 10%. The audience tends to remember more what they have an idea of or what is relevant to them. 8.4.1 I learn best by starting with what I know before using the outside sources and this works for me. 8.5.1 Steve Harvey show is one of the programs that have elements of reciprocity.

The audiences are able to communicate with the performers on stage through cheering and clapping. This is also applicable to the home viewers watching the program. 8.5.2 The stream is one of the honest programs on television that is broadcasted by Al-Jazeera America. The program usually uses acts to discuss current issues around the world. Only facts are used to create arguments anyone is usually required to provide facts with regards to their arguments.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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