Essays on Risk Communication Strategies for JDJ Case Study

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The paper “ Risk Communication Strategies for JDJ” is a forceful example of the case study on communication. This report aims to describe the background to the understanding of risk by the public and the factors that affect public response to risk. The report is to be structured in their section the first is the background of the problem and its nature at JDJ pharmaceutical company. The second is suggested theoretical framework analysis pinpointing Ares of intervention and solutions for the problem at JDJ any salient factors affecting the launch of cyclon insecticide. The third section is recommendations for JDJ should do to implement the solutions suggested by this report to achieve the goal of manufacturing the new product. Section oneScope and background of risk communicationRisk communication is new field, which became important component in environmental and occupational health as the countries faced mounting concern over pollution from hazardous material.

The field generates a lot of interest from the public, policymakers, and the media. It includes methods for estimating risk to humans exposed to toxicants and in research directed to how individuals perceive risk. Improving Risk Communication has become very vital for serious companies like JDJ pharmaceutical. these companies need to define, describe, and implement the basis for successful risk communication.

However there are problems and difficulties in implementing these strategies As Many fail due to ignorance by the public on many issues hence many public outcry to perceived dangers when companies want to manufacture new products, this is a bottleneck of firms like JDJ. Section twoJDJ pharmaceuticals risk communication strategiesRisk communication is a psychological process, and must appeals to expectations, ideals and aspirations of the public to engender a specific action or reaction. Communication of risk factors is a process of increasing importance to public and people are involved in making decisions hence dialogue in environmental health sues such as air insecticides, pesticides, and other pollutants, Risk communication theories focus on changing community behaviour in an interactive process of exchange of information and opinions.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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