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Andean Region at Kimberly-Clark Leadership Success of Andean Region Kimberly-Clark Management Sergio led to the success of Andean region of Kimberly –Clark, a company that encompasses countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Peru. For the entire corporation, this region had a chance to account for a net increase that was more than forty percent, despite it being relatively small and weak. The company deals with diapers and consumers are allowed to buy single units since most of them cannot afford to purchase in bulk. Sergio developed various leadership skills that have led to this success.

Executives from this company ensured that their activities focused on doing well by their customers, employees, shareholders, and the entire community. In addition, high level of engagement and connection was enhanced among the workers and leaders. Thus, it was ranked as one of the places in Latin America, which had the best environment to work in. He ensured that the management at Kimberly- Clark was not complicated or novel. Neither were strategies of business arcane nor high-tech new technology used for his leadership success. The secret behind his success was simply use of sound management that focuses on fundamental values that relate to human beings.

Sergio and his team took the responsibility of investing in their employees, customers, communities and even shareholders. This leadership skill led to these people investing their commitment and energy to the organizational objectives and goals, thus leading to its rise to the level of success. They further ensured that talents of the employees were recognized and fully appreciated. As a result, the employees were able to work at their level best and engaged in innovative practices.

Communication was also enhanced in a manner that it gave the employees the required information that could enhance their ability to become innovative. Periodicals, videos, even bulletins, and murals were placed in the restroom for all o access and get organizational information. Through good communication, people were given the opportunity to make decisions thus tapping their energy and talents that can be used in various situations that the company might be facing. In his leadership, Sergio treated the workers equally no matter their gender. He allowed women in upper managerial positions, thus creating the impression that all employees are equal and that every opinion does count. Change of the Organizational Culture He first built a culture that was characterized by egalitarianism and informality.

This winning and strong culture involved the employees are not wearing uniforms, workers from different ranks not having different cars, office music, and an open door policy. Every employee was given an equal chance to move into new responsibilities and assume new roles for various products in different countries of the world. Moreover, not only did the employees knew their expectations, but also could tell the developments in his or her region.

Employees knew their company, roles, expectations, and what individual roles that could lead to the overall success, better. In building and maintaining a healthy culture, Sergio ensured that he formed good relationships with his subordinates. Economic exchange most of the time dictates the kind of the relationship formed with employees. Otherwise, Sergio suggested that effort and money are not the only aspects to consider while creating a healthy relationship with the employees. Emotional support is also of essentiality as it creates high levels of trust and psychological stability that leads to high performance.

Sergio, therefore, created an environment that enhanced the growth and legacy of his employees, and, as a result, gained success for Kimberly-Clark.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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