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The paper "Management of Health Institutions " is a good example of management coursework.   Health institutions have an important role to play in society. They, therefore, need a high level of effectiveness in their operations if they are to meet their goal of offering the best services in the most efficient manner. As organizations, they need to adopt the best management practices (Jones 2006). The management essay scenario that has been provided offers an insight into a number of management issues that relate to the activities, staff and operations in general as observed as a Clinical Coordinator in a health facility.

This paper addresses the management issues that arise and their relation to existing management theory. Management Issues Arising The hospital’ s 13 operating rooms make it a large one. The rooms enable the adequate breaking up of departmental tasks hence easy administration and delivery of services. Communication also seems to be well developed in the hospital. The clinical coordinator is able to access every communication regarding the day to day operations in the hospital. There is a high level of task specialization.

There is a clear division of labor. The specialized departments are staffed by specialized individuals. This effectively makes up a division of labor, which in management may be understood as a specialization of various groups to certain prescribed roles or tasks, with the outcome of increasing their overall productivity. Teamwork thus becomes an inevitable component of hospital management. It is what enables the members of staff to put in a joint effort towards the achievement of their shared vision. With the many tasks and specialist areas, it enables the direction of individual accomplishments to the organization’ s objectives (Hernandez 2008). The issue of coordination of activities is a significant one when it comes to the operational aspects of the hospital.

From the case provided, there seems to be considerable coordination in activities. However, there still remains the need for additional coordination effort as teamwork is what matters most in carrying out every task. Teamwork is necessitated by the specialized nature of each staff member’ s job, and also possibilities of differences in individual capabilities, knowledge and skill. In addition to helping in ensuring smoother exchanges of information, a clear communication pattern is helpful as it promotes the development of greater coordination of resource and any other planning effort within the organizational setting (Srinivasan 2008). The issue of employee welfare may be pointed out in relation to the distribution of tasks and the availability of adequate manpower.

Considering the large size of the hospital, there is a need for an appropriate staffing policy that will ensure that the manpower used is adequate to avoid overworking. Overworking has a number of negative effects on the employee.

For instance, there is a high possibility of burnout among hospital employees. Overworking is also a major cause of job stress. Job stress is a major outcome of possible poor resourcing and being left with the responsibility of other workers’ quality of work and attempting to meet their relatives’ expectations. Failure to control or ensure the participation of workers in decision making is among the main factors that lead to ill psychological health among employees (Fried & Fottler 2008).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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