Essays on Relevance of Katzs Three Managerial Skills Coursework

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The paper "Relevance of Katz’ s Three Managerial Skills" is a great example of management coursework. Much of the management skills are needed for any manager to be successful in his or her work. The study is based on the relevance of Katz’ s three managerial skills and the influence of Taylor’ s principles of management on the managerial work of the manager of one of the branches of the company American Express located in Sydney Australia. His responsibilities are to ensure that the workers do the right thing at the right time but still have a good relationship with the workers for effective production.

He makes decisions on behalf of the entire organization and strategizes good ways of implementing them. He manages over a hundred workers to ensure that all their operations are towards meeting the general goals and objectives of the entire organization. The relevance of Katz’ s three managerial skills Managerial roles are complex and varied therefore the managers require major skills to perform duties associated with the profession. After carrying out research on this area, Robert Katz found that the managers require three managerial skills: technical, human and conceptual skills.

Technical skills entail the knowledge and proficiency in a specialized field especially the one under his management, for example, managerial accounting, computers or engineering. Human skills are the abilities to relate or interact well with the other human beings working in the organizations, either as individuals or as a group. Conceptual skills are those that enable the managers to make decisions on behave of the organization, especially those entailing complex situations (Robbins et al, 2009). The report of the interview that I had with the manager of one financial service offering companies-American Express in Sydney, Australia shows that the skills of Katz are relevant in the managerial profession.

This is a multinational company which started in New York and offers financial services like credit cards or traveler’ s cheques. There are many processes that take place in the company hence there are many workers required to offer man-power. According to the final analysis of the report, the respondents of the manager are based on the three managerial skills; for his leadership to effective the manager is expected to have knowledge on the operations under his control, he is aware of all processes involved to offer the services.

This is because as a leader he is considered as the role model to the junior workers and also be able to work together with them for motivation. He will also be able to make wise decisions on the operations of the company especially on the necessary resources or facilities to boost the performance (Anbuvelan, 2007). Human resource skills are necessary to able to relate well with other workers either individually or as a group.

This helps to create a rapport or good relationship between the management and the other workers. The mood of any working environment is set by the manager based on the relationship between the management and the junior workers hence they are able to create a negative or positive perception at work. The manager will be able to mould the working skills of the other workers hence enable them to recognize their own attitudes, assumptions and beliefs and those of their colleagues to enable them to work together as a team.

The manager should be sufficiently sensitive to the needs, interests and motivations of the others so that he can be able to judge the reactions of the individuals towards the decisions he makes. To acquire these human resource skills, the personnel has to first develop his or her own individual point of view toward the activities of human beings so as to recognize their feelings, be able to evaluate his own operations, develop abilities to decode what others tries to communicate to them and develop the ability to enable him to communicate and implement his ideas to others (Stephen & Stuart-Kotze, 2004). Conceptual skills enable the manager to see the company as a whole and be able to make decisions on its behalf.

He should be sensitive to the possible outcome of the decisions made on one situation or the other related departments. This means that the manager should be conversant to all the activities taking place in any of the departments in the entire organization or the relationship between individual activities to that of the organization, for example, the operations of all the workers who print the cards.

All the decisions made by the manager should have positive effects on the performance of the entire company. To acquire the conceptual skills training should be done to develop the existing skills so as to fit in the highly changing business world. All the workers irrespective of the position should be involved in the process of improving the performance of the company; this is so as to create an opportunity of the individuals to learn from each other.

The mangers can also acquire some of the managerial skills by listening and analyzing the ideas of the junior workers (Anbuvelan, 2007).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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