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The paper "Organisational and Company Management" is a great example of a Management essay. Following the most recent global financial crisis, a challenge has been posed for many organizations that have a global outlook and that in one way or the have ties with what happens in the global market. This has forced to reexamine their management strategies in order to be able to withstand and even manage some of the shocks. The existing trend is that the management of various organizations has been to focus on short-term objectives rather than balancing them with long-term organizational objectives.

This is to mean that the management has failed to search for and make use of any available information on the world trends to address the problem earlier enough prior to their occurrence so as to reduce any financial related impacts on their businesses (Hsi-An and Yun-Hwa 2011). When this a financial crisis, the organizational management has been seen to sought for short-term measures such as staff reductions and cutting off some of the operations in order to reduce the costs of operation and consequently ensure that the business has been sustained during the crisis.

But as a matter of fact, this approach has not helped much in assisting companies and organizations to deal with global financial crises (Jack, 2012). Whether an organization is operating as a non-profit or profit-oriented, reviewing and analyzing any data about the economic trends is considered as a vital tool to work on an important structure that will ensure success even in the times of crisis. With this regard, therefore, any function within an institution must work on the process of managing information as knowledge to informing its operational activities.

The management is charged with the responsibility of scrutinizing and making good use of information at all times to make sure that all the decisions made are long-term and effective for the company (Jack, 2012). The primary agenda of this essay is to take into account the issue of the global financial crisis and then analyse how management is supposed to work on long-term planning based on past experiences. Following frequent global financial crises, different companies and organizations have been subjected to very awkward situations.

The magnitude of the financial crisis in an organization is directly related to how well the management is prepared and the strategies that it has put in place to tackle the problem (Jack, 2012). Different organizations and companies are responding differently to the menace based on their own objectives, operational contexts, and overall performance. Even though different governments have a role to play in cooling down the situation especially in putting in place the trade tariffs and giving subsidies to some of the organizations, the major responsibility still lies on the shoulders of the management teams.

This is because the government initiatives only address the problem from a general perspective and are short-lived (Thompson and McHugh, 2002). On the other, hand organizations have to take quick initiatives such as selling some of the subsidiaries and cutting off some of the labor costs by laying off some of the staff. However, this for many companies as not proved to be a very good management approach as, during the economic recovery, the already retrenched workers again have to be sourced thus causing another expense to the business according to Thompson and McHugh (2002).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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