Essays on Human Resources and Payroll Systems Requirements Essay

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Generally speaking, the paper 'Human Resources and Payroll Systems Requirements" is a good example of a human resources essay. Obtaining the identification number of the employer often regarded as the Tax Id of the employer. This number is necessary when checking employee state agencies (Steinhoff). Identifying contractor obligations required when withholding income taxes, Medicare taxes or while paying unemployment taxes. Taking care of the employees’ paperwork. This will ensure that the employer withdraws the appropriate income tax. Deciding the pay period which will encompass distinguishing between bi-monthly or monthly or even weekly. Handling of the employee compensation time.

Entailing tracking employee working hours in addition to business deductibles like retirement benefits and health premium plans (Steinhoff). The choice of a payroll system. This will entail choosing from outsourcing or in-house options. Management of the payroll system. Choosing between individual monitoring or getting an accountant. Getting record-keeping ability. This is because various state and federal laws need employees to keep records of tax forms, amounts and dates of tax deposited. Reporting on payroll taxes. These payroll reports on tax are required by appropriate authorities depending on an annual or a quarterly basis. These user requirements gave way to detailed research and scrutiny of various systems used by a number of business institutions so as to come up with a good payroll system. In-house and commercial packages methodology approach Commercial packages Commercial package software can also be identified as selecting package software and it has an intimidating task.

This is because of the way you are supposed to select the package such that you are able to attain the buy-in of the available users of the package and also ensure that you have selected the right one.

Some of the main consequences of selecting the wrong package include; there can be a negative impact on the employees’ confidence, the package costing five times as much as its normal cost thus being costly compared to the previous price the project had and also the failure to use the shelf gathering dust thus the software becoming "shelfware" (Steinhoff).


Steinhoff, Jeffrey C. Human Resources and Payroll Systems Requirements: Checklist for Reviewing Systems Under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act. New York: DIANE Publishing, 2000.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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