Essays on Toyota Production System - Operations Management for Competitive Advantage Case Study

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The paper “ Toyota Production System - Operations Management for Competitive Advantage”   is an excellent example of a case study on the management. Our company needs to ensure a proper understanding of the trends that have been taking place in the automotive industry. The knowledge about industry trends can be of great benefit to our company as it will ensure that its operations are relevant in the market and able to achieve competitive advantages. The company operates in a market that is very competitive with many changes due to the technological change that has been taking place in the industry.

Many companies operating in the industry are looking for the best ways of ensuring ha they are competitive by adopting current technology in their operations. This report is trying to explore various factors in the industry that can be considered in the process of ensuring the success of the company. Some of these factors include the logistics and supply, lean manufacturing, mass customization, manufacturing simulation software, and Toyota production system. The report will compare the systems of our company with those of the other firms operating in the industry to assess how our company needs to operate in the industry (Chase, 2006).

The production systems of Toyota will be used as a benchmark to assess the changes taking place since when it started to evaluate the strategies that our company needs to use to be competitive in the industry. Mass customization in the automobile industry will also be evaluated to assess what effects it has on the operations and the overall performance of the company. The various software that can be crucial for the improvement of the performance of the company will be evaluated how and why the company can make use of the systems to achieve its objectives.

Lean manufacturing will be evaluated to ass how the principal will be in a position to reach into the organization. Logistics & SupplyThe efficient management of logistics in the automobile industry has been considered as the survival factor due to the high competition in the industry. The increasing number of automakers in the industry has increased competition pressure where the flexibility in material management and the flow of information in the automobile assembly companies is crucial to the future growth of the industry (McGinnis, 2007).

The segmentation and fragmentation of models of vehicles are growing leading to many changes in the industry as automakers are looking for the best ways of becoming competitive. There has been increased complexity of the models customized concerning the way individual vehicles are being equipped. Our company should ensure that the supply chain does include enhancing the relationships among the suppliers, sales channel, warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, and transportation among other related facilities and functions.

The management of the company needs to ensure that there is a good flow of materials to guarantee uninterrupted production process by ensuring that there is proper management of both external and internal logistics. The internal logistics of the company can entail the relationship linking transportation, procurement, production planning and control (McGinnis, 2007). The management of the company needs to ensure that there is an effective and efficient management of the external logistics that can include collaboration with sub-suppliers, contractors, customers and service providers. To ensure proper management of the inventory the company needs to use just in time approach that can assist in ensuring that there are enough materials to meet the customer requirements.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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