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Managing PeopleIntroductionWhen a manger is struggling to hit the deadline or in making delicate decisions, dealing with people is the last thing the manager wants. It demands the cooperation of the team, no disgruntled employee, no worker who avoids work and no key worker who is tired all day because the kids cried all night. Managing people is manager’s most important and most difficult job. The duty demands the manager to motivate, lead, inspire and most important encourage them. The major challenges facing the manager are to hire, fire, evaluate or sometimes discipline employees.

This paper aims at discussing why ‘ people management’ remains a constant issue in modern workplaces, the factors contributing to the challenge of managing people in a workplace and the management theories that assist managers in dealing with key challenges of people management in the organizations. The article helps find the best way to handle people management issues considering simple frame work for dealing with people and the possible motivators. ‘People Management’ a Constant IssuePeople in an organization could be the keystones and when fired by a manager, it might be removing the glue holding that organization together.

These people are the unsung heroes of the company’s success that the organization knowingly or unknowingly depends on. The people have opinions and these people choose to think. By voicing their opinions, they serve as balance and checks for the organizations. All these aspects are changing the world of work resulting in emergence of talent shortages, new labour laws, outsourcing, globalisation, shifting demographics, outsourcing; list of emerging issues is endless. Human resource function of the managers is also changing and the managers are under more pressure to prove and demonstrate results from their policies and workforce practices.

It’s important for the managers to recognize the basic link between the organization’s people and the business performance of that organization. Thus ‘people management’ has been the key issue demanding managers to implement people strategies that will go along with supporting the objectives of the organization and the same time increase the transparency and the accountability around people management and reporting. Effectively managing people encourages them to release the full potential and succeed in business.

Factors in ‘People Management’ A manager will want to learn how to find, interview, and most probably hire a superior workforce. On top of that, the manager needs to understand, employ and perform those practices that will keep the organization’s people inspired, motivated, developing, and attaining goals under the guidance of the manager. This manager can be the successful individual to make a difference for the organization and in the work life of employees. The factors in managing people will include attracting, training and retaining key personnel with essential skills, abilities and aptitude for the work that is involved.

Human capital is thus a major capital investment for any business and it is investing in people. Managers understand the competitive advantage they gain from employing good people. Businesses will compete in several marketplaces for customers and this advantage is achieved by having available human resources to maximise business opportunities in specific customer base.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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