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The paper "Integrated Decision Support Systems" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Scenario 2: The stakeholders and personnel involved in this situation are the delivery department, the driver making the delivery, and the management that needs to look towards ensuring efficiency in operations. Part B Stakeholders Learning Needs Delivery Department The department communicates the shortest possible route by using a management information system which helps the department to identify the best actions. Driver Making them understand their responsibility and ensuring that the driver leaving the organization properly communicates with the new driver regarding the routs Management The management needs to develop rules and policies which ensures that proper communication and knowledge about the shortest route is provided to the newcomer through a management information system Task 1.2 The relevant human resource required and the cost associated with the same is as follows Team Member Rate $ Est.

Hours Days Sub-total Project Manager $100 150 25 $15,000 Art Director $100 50 5 $5,000 Designer $150 60 8 $9,000 Art Production $65 30 5 $1,950 HTML Production $75 50 6 $3,750 Programming $120 18 2.5 $2,160 Copywriter $55 70 8 $3,850 QA/Proofing $75 18 2 $1,350 Sub-total $42,060 50 % Overhead 50% Total $63,090 Task 1.3 Pre Launch Strategy The L& D Manager needs to make the employees understand the importance of intranet and the manner it will help them in their routine life. The manager should highlight the way it will ease their life and help them solve their queries.

Even using an example from the outside world that has successfully implemented an intranet should be provided. This will help to improve the morale of the employees (Nonaka & Takeuchi, 2005). The manager should ensure regular meetings with the employees to highlight the benefit of the intranet. Also, the doubts that the employees have should be solved immediately. Further, the manager should highlight that intranet will also help them to move ahead in life and get different promotions and can be used at home as well thereby multiplying the benefits.

Along with it the manager should highlight that if some person doesn’ t understand anything that he can use the intranet again and again to solve his queries. Further, it will help transfer data easily and will ensure better efficiency and development of the individual and organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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