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The paper "Management Information System Issues " is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. The idea is the sale of airplane tickets to individuals and retail companies in the world through online services. Secondly, it will also serve as tours and travel online booking companies. This idea if firstly prompted by the idea that there are many airlines in the world that operate in different countries. This company will provide a link among all those airlines to be able to know each airline's departure, arrival, destination and availability of vacancy to different destinations. Secondly due to the fact that a considerably high number of travelers are tourists this company will provide an avenue where they can view different tourist destinations and book accommodation venues. Virtual Merchant Model. Airplane Tickets The model shows the working of the air ticket section.

The first section involves the stage where the company enquires from the airlines in the word if there is a vacancy in their scheduled flights. If any then the company buys the tickets in bulk and stores they while advertising to various agencies and advertising networks of the availability of the tickets and their time and destination. The third step involves the section where the tickets are sold to prospective individuals and companies that want them in a wholesale mode of trade.

Ten percent of the initial ticket price is added to the sale price of every ticket sold to build on the revenue. Tours and Travel Booking The first stage of the Tours and Travels part of the company is the section where companies or individuals who are involved in the tourism section approach the company and present schedules on what should be advertised concerning their business.

They pay a fee for this service to be rendered to them. The second stage is where we post the advertisement on our website together with the airline tickets to those destinations. In the third stage, we allow tourists and prospective clients to this avenue to call or email our company where they receive the customer care in case they have any queries. The fourth stage involves the booking of the station where the clients transfer money to our account that the intern gets paid to the companies or individuals as booking fees.

The amount sent to our account for booking is usually sent with the service charge that is charged on the clients. Business Analysis. An estimate of time and cost The business nature of this company is quite a time friendly. In that, it does not involve the movement from one place to another. The only time-consuming part probably would be searching for airline vacancies. The tours and travels front is time-saving as the clients themselves come to the company with their advertisement ready. Through ensuring that there is a service charge for every ticket purchased at ten percent then it is prudent to realize that the revenue will be more than the cost of doing business theoretically speaking. Secondly, through the fact, there is double income in the tours and tourism advertising and booking in that the person seeking to be accommodated pays a service charge to the company where else the individual or company that wants their details posted alongside the tickets vacancy pays for the service.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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