Essays on Management Information Systems Of The Hospitality Industry-Project Report Assignment

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CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTIONRelevant background informationWondertech Organization has been contacted by Mr. Kin to carry out a research regarding Property Management Systems and come up with the most suitable one that is efficient, user friendly and more economical. AuthorizationThis has been authorized by Mr. Colonel Kin, the Managing Director of Highway Hotel. Report targetThis report mainly targets at recommending the best Property Management System and at the same time giving expectations from the proposed system. To whom it is addressedColonel Kin, the Managing Director of Highway HotelScopeFindingsE-CommerceImpacts of E-commerceRisks involved in E-commerceCompetitive Advantages of E-commerceCostsBrand Management & MarketingBusiness ApplicationAnalysis of the Property Management Systems/comparison of the PMSThe chief objective of this study is to look into the E-commerce, Lodging Touch Property Management and the paragon systems, their involvement in; rapid deliverance in Information Technology service, value of the service, Information Technology Resource management.

Equally, this study will look into these systems and compare them in terms of their general importance to the hospitality industry and their ease in application. This research discusses management and information systems in the hospitality industry particularly the ones that are being implemented by a variety of hospitality industries globally. Mission StatementWe will provide superior services in a positive working atmosphere to make our guests feel at home.

We will offer maximum satisfaction to our guests by delivering exceptional quality services. By continually striving to surpass expectations of our guests, we will engender the results required in satisfying our guests, staff as well as investors and sustain our individual and corporate growth. CHAPTER TWOFINDINGSInformation systems are a very vital feature of management in the hospitality industry; nonetheless they are one of management's prime tests.

The test comes in terms of assimilating them into the already existing ones. This will bring a lot of change into the industry. It is vital to note that regardless of the importance of the changes brought, integration of the new systems without disturbing customer service often requires a very careful balancing act. This is because usual processes have to carry on at the same time as the new ones are being integrated (Shoemaker 2008, 12-15). An effective system is one that is particularly easy to use and put into practice.

The hotel manager must choose something that is going to do the basics and one that everyone is going to be aware of completely hence use it without any difficulties. Once that is achieved, then the end product will without doubt be successful in terms of service provision and help keep that consistency level so as to be in line with other competitors in the hospitality industry (Beckman 2008, pg 20). The hospitality industry has to some extent been reluctant in assimilating useful technology into their systems.

According to Beckman (2008) only 27 percent believed that there are beneficial features to taking on complicated technology. As of now, most hotels take in technology policy as a piece of their company's general business preparation. Hospitality business consists first and foremost of exchanges that occur during the processing of dealings. Therefore, hospitality industries engage in the practice of commerce since it involves business. According to Tesone (2006), commerce ‘‘is a broad term that is used to describe the activities of businesses or commercial enterprises. ” And for the specific purpose of hospitality industry the commerce has to be electronic.

Therefore, the electronic commerce that will be created will be between the guests and the hospitality industry operators. This will be purely electronic communication (Siguaw 2006).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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