Essays on Management, Leadership, And Marketing Concept Assignment

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ManagementManagement entails the ability to drive individuals towards the attainment of the goals and objectives of an organization by appropriately utilizing the available resources in an efficient and effective manner as well as meaningful coordination. According to Gomez et al (2008), it involves planning, directing, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling an organization towards the attainment of its goals hence it requires one to be a good marketer and also innovative. Management can involve one person as seen in the small business enterprises or a number of individuals like in multinational firms.

It is a major factor for assessing the current and future of a firm’s worth depending on its quality and experience. To be a good manager an individual should have the capability to relate well with others, however apart from the natural inborn traits of management in some individuals, it is possible to develop some qualities of a good manager. Good management is an integral part of any business success especially in the modern world where competition is very stiff. With a good manager, a company/firm is in a position to have in place a good, hardworking, productive and efficient workforce (Kleiman, 2010).

This is achieved through improving the competitiveness of the firm by increasing profits, and increasing the market share of the company. Additionally good managers are in a position to attract and recruit skilled and competent staff and are in a position to keep the employees motivated to maintain and improve on their job performance. I believe I have the potential to become a good manager as I have for sometime now acquired the ability to relate well with people at all times by easily adapting to their weaknesses and strengths.

This is complemented by my ability to communicate effectively to people despite their cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. This is in accordance with qualities of a good manager as indicated by Kleiman (2010), that a good manager needs to have the ability to manage and maintain meaningful relationships with people at all times. This can be best achieved through identifying individual’s specific capabilities and their potential. According to Gomez et al (2008), a good manager should be able to listen carefully and be supportive to the other members of an organization so as to be able to solve problems and disputes effectively and in an efficient manner.

This is because this way, employees feel free to approach their manager to raise certain issues knowing that their problems will be listened to thus they tend to be more motivated as well. With the experience I have attained to this point in relating to different people in clubs as well as other curricular and co-curricular activities, I believe I have what it takes to listen and support others to the best of my abilities depending with the resources at hand.

This can well be attributed to instances where I have been involved in dispute solving between different individuals. Hoyle (1995), notes that, a good manager should be proactive and decisive when addressing disagreements. Disagreements bring forth new ideas and creativity hence they should be managed appropriately.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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